Saturday, 20 September 2014

Yamato - Sydney CBD

Yamato Izakaya is a relatively new Japanese restaurant housed in the ANZ building, and offers a variety of menu options. They are currently doing a dinner promotion where everything on the menu is 50% off, so it was a good time to check it out.


The menu is a nice and glossy picture book, I love picture menus as it gives you a relatively good idea of what the dish will be like. 

Sukiyaki beef and shallot skewers

The beef skewers came out quickly; unfortunately, the beef was only lukewarm, though it was nice and tender.

Soft shell crab sushi roll

This was my favourite dish out of everything that we ordered. Can't go wrong with crispy soft shell crab and spicy mayo. 


Chicken katsu don

Leo roll

A sushi roll with nicely charred salmon on the top, though unfortunately it was overpowered by the huge hunk of cream cheese.

Pretty good value with the 50% dinner deal, but not sure I'd be rushing back with so many fabulous choices for Japanese around.

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Viet Town - Haymarket, Sydney

There's a new vietnamese restaurant in Town, Viet Town, to be more precise. Located on Sussex Street, the shopfront is easy to miss, I hadn't even noticed that a new shop had opened until someone pointed it out!

It's a sleek fit out inside, decorated with digital prints and wooden door frames along the wall. 

Three colour drink & lychee drink

The drinks are served in the ever popular mason jar mugs. 

Combination broken rice

The grilled pork chop has a nice, smokey charred flavour. 

Vermicelli with grilled pork

Pho dac biet - Special beef noodle soup

The soup for the beef noodle soup is nice and rich in flavour. Perfect for the rainy weather we've been having lately.

Verdict? I still can't go past my cheap and cheerful regular (Pho Pasteur) but it's great to have some more local choices, and Viet Town offers a more refined dining option.

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Friday, 5 September 2014

Autolyse - Central Park, Sydney

After hearing that Canberra bakery, Autolyse, had opened a new branch in Central Park, the Canberran in me decided it was the perfect location for a leisurely brunch on a recent day off.

Autolyse stands for 'an extra rest period for a dough used by artisan bakers to ensure optimum moisture and texture', judging by this, you can tell that the bread and pastries are the star of the show.

The cafe is a huge, light-filled space that is spacious and airy. A great place so sit and have brunch with the weekend paper, or grab a seat by side and watch the delicious bread and pastries being made.

The ordering system is simple - the menu is written on the blackboard, and you order and pay at the counter, and get this cute plant/chalkboard table number.


Coffee is by Canberra-based Ona coffee

Brioche french toast

Autolyse's rendition of the french toast is a thick slab of brioche, slathered in a tangy concoction of yoghurt and berries. The yoghurt works fabulously well in offsetting the sweetness of the toast, which is sprinkled with what appears to be a cinnamon sugar. Loved this dish!

Open smoked salmon sandwich

A super fresh and healthy combination, served with cucumber, avocado, watercress, herbs, toasted seeds and vinaigrette. 

Smoked trout salad

A very generous serving of salad, with kipfler potatoes, yoghurt dressing and sourdough on the side.

Pastries cabinet

Of course I couldn't go past the tempting pastries on display...

Lemon meringue tart

Open 7 days a week, this will be definitely be a regular weekend brunch and lunch option for sure.

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Globe Bar - The Langham, Sydney

Having afternoon tea is such a indulgent and luxurious way to spend a girl's day out. On one particular weekday off, I decide that afternoon tea is the perfect backdrop for a catch up with a girl friend.

The staff were more than accommodating when my friend was running late by half an hour; they even kept checking to see if I was alright and offered me some tea whilst I was waiting.  

Tiffin afternoon tea

The sweets tier included an assortment of pastries and cakes - including mini tarts, chocolate brownie, and french macarons.

The Langham Sydney's Globe Bar has a lovely and opulent feel to it and the best service. The Langham Sydney is currently undergoing renovations until the 1st of December, 2014, so I'm keen to see what it will be like post-renovations!

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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Kingswood Coffee - World Square, Sydney

One of my new favourite local coffee shops is Kingswood Coffee, conveniently around the corner from home. 

Kingswood uses Sensory Lab for it's milk-based coffees, and more importantly has a range of guest baked pastries, including the famous Brewtown Newtown's cronuts.


The coffee here is smooth and consistent. Open at 6am on weekdays, it was a lifesaver on the day of the Oxfam Trailwalker event, as it meant I could get a decent caffeine fix before hopping on the train to the starting line. 

Chocolate brioche

Jam cronut

I've spotted the Brewtown Newtown cronuts on almost every single visit, and Kingswood seem to stock a decent variety of them - jam, original glazed, chocolate, and cinnamon.

A fantastic little spot to grab your morning caffeine fix, and maybe sneak in a naughty treat (or two!)

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Monday, 25 August 2014

The Pig & Pastry - Petersham, Sydney

Petersham has built up a nice collection of cafes around the area. One of these is the adorably name The Pig & Pastry. 

The Pig & Pastry overlooks Petersham park, and is a fairly recent addition, having opened its doors in mid-2013. This cute little cafe always seems to be busy on the weekend - luckily parking in the surrounding streets is relatively easy to find.

Breakfast menu

The menu consists of the usual suspects, plus some daily special sodas, and baked goodies at the counter. The breakfast menu is served until 11:45am.


Mornings aren't really complete with a coffee fix. Pig & Pastry use coffee by De Luca.

Pineapple & berry smoothie

The smoothie of the day is this lovely pink concoction of pineapple & berries.

The Pig & Pastry toasted banana bread

The boy goes with the banana bread as his choice, and it has a lovely crunch on the outside, and is wonderfully fragrant and fluffy on the inside.

Sweet corn fritters

Served with a runny poached egg, crispy bacon and avocado salsa. I always love the combination of corn, avocado and bacon. The Pig & Pastry take their bacon seriously, and cook it to crispy perfection.

A great spot for a bit of brunch in Petersham - I'm keen to go back at lunch time and try some of the other offerings. 

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Oxfam Trailwalker 100km - 22-24 August 2014 - Less than a week to go!

Myself and my fabulous teammates are taking part in Oxfam Trailwalker, Australia’s greatest team endurance event. 

Teams of four will tackle 100km of Australian bush within 48 hours. 
The event, which takes place 22-24 August 2014 (from the Hawkesbury River all the way through Mosman) is not just a great test of physical and mental fitness, but a fundraising challenge to help Oxfam Australia overcome poverty around the world.

It's been a lovely (but challenging) opportunity to check out some awesome bush, scenery and wildlife that we are blessed to be surrounded by. It's been many a weekend with long days of training (hello, 13 hour walk!) and experiencing very sore quads, falling into a creek and getting 'slightly' off the track during night walking.

I'm looking forward to crossing the finish line, hopefully around the 36 hour mark. Please click here if you'd like to donate to this worthy cause!