Monday, 17 November 2008

Retail Therapy

A few of my recent purchases over the last few weeks... (yes! I'm procrastinating again over exams)

Cheap thrills from the Diva sale- this bangle was $5 

Semi impulse purchase- Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers perfume pack

Only because I'm in love with these bottles! Aren't they adorable?

There's Love...

Angel... my fave scent out of the six



Baby... this one smells like baby shampoo like a lot of people have said

Urge sandals- a great pair of cheap sandals that I've gotten alot of wear out of so far! 

Ok, enough procrastinating! I'm off to study some more. seriously. really....

I finish my exams on Wednesday, so after that, It will be nervous anticipation and twiddling my thumbs waiting for my hopefully (has to be) positive results. 


panda said...

heya! thought i'd pop by your blog and i can see you're a bit of a foodie too! bought the set of gwen stefani harajuku perfumes - i saw it on the weekend and was so tempted! they are so pretty!

missklicious said...

Panda: They were too cute to resist! I'm a sucker for the pretty packaging hehe

Mel said...

gosh i love those harajuku bottles..too cute! lovely blog btw x