Flower Power

I'm currently obsessed with any kind of flower accessory. Especially the pretty hair pieces! Not sure if I'd be game enough to actually wear them in public, or be able to pull it off, but I still like to dream! 

I love these from Etsy

Victoria Headband from the Etsy seller bungalow

by Etsy seller ciaraobscura


Anonymous said…
hey there! i stumbled across ur blog from the vogue forum :)

I love flower hair pieces!
I usually clip them on my dress/shirt and when I felt a little more confident I clip them on my hair because I have to admit, they make u look like your a bit dressed up. But they always look great!
missklicious said…
Hey! Welcome =)

Clipping them on a dress sounds like a good idea! I will have to try that since I don't think I'm game enough to wear them in my hair. hehe Thanks!