Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Chanel soft calfskin wallet with embossed camelia

Seeing as my old wallet was over 3 years old, I decided it was time to get a new one. A pretty good excuse to go shopping, if there was ever one! I actually didn't have anything in mind, but fell in love with a Chanel wallet while browsing at the Four Seasons on the Cotai Strip in Macau.

From the Chanel website:
Wallet in soft calfskin with embossed camelia

Same, but in the long version

One of the many designer stores at the Four Seasons Shoppes, there's everything you can possibly think of!

My precious package!

So pretty! But the only thing I probably regret is getting a wallet so small. It barely fits all my essential cards since it only has 6 slots, but it has forced me to clean out my wallet and get rid of everything I don't use on a regular basis, so I suppose that's a good thing! Everything else I just chuck in a card holder.


I. said...


may i know the price you paid for yr chanel wallet. i'm looking for one too preferably in yellow similar to the one you posted on yr blog. thanks

j :)

missklicious said...

Hello lovely,

From my rusty memory, I paid around $700+, this was the beginning of 2009 though, so prices would have increased.

Hope that helps.

I. said...

thank you. could be a $1000+ for a wallet now ..... heh. someday eh. just got back from Macau and the rows of designer shops there at the MGM, Hard Rock Hotel, Four Seasons......WOW.....

have a lovely week :)