Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Snacks Galore Japan

The Soy sauce flavoured Kit Kat is a Tokyo edition, which obviously you can only buy in Tokyo. I was so tempted to buy this, but decided against it last minute, because it was massive, and I was scared it was going to taste bad. After reading reviews on the internet though, it apparently doesn't taste like soy sauce, but more like maple syrup.
Spring edition Kit Kat- I have no idea what flavour this was even after devouring the whole packet, but judging from the packet, cherry blossom?

This one's pretty common, and I can usually even find this in Australia, albeit for a much higher price! Green tea Kit Kat.

Hands down best Mentos flavour ever, why don't they sell this in Australia? Damn it.

Cute orange drink- not so tasty, more like flat, extremely watery orange cordial, I'm still a sucker for the packaging though!

Kiwi fruit Pocky

Hot corn soup in a can! Best on a cold Winter day- these were all over the Fuji Five Lakes area

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grub said...

Japan has the best range of snacks avail!! i hate how expensive it is to buy them over here though - the price is more than double :(