Saturday, 25 April 2009

Ginza, Tokyo Snapshots

One of the ultimate shopping destinations in the world, with streets filled with designer flagship stores, department stores and boutiques.

Wandering the busy streets of Ginza

Seafood from Hokkaido- some kind of hairy crab (?) that you eat cold
Super fresh uni (sea urchin)

Ginza Station

Swarovski flagship store

Awesome Japanese BBQ on a cold winter's day!

The best beef in the whole world- A5 grade, with melt in the mouth marbling! It even came with a birth certificate with a picture of the people that raised it, nose print,and everything! haha

The best toy store ever- I spent hours in there!

GTR showroom

*sigh* I want to be back in Japan!

Cute stuff on every corner

Pretty cakes

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grub said...

those cakes look very yummy! any chance of going to Japan soon?