Saturday, 27 June 2009

Continuing my obsession...

With anything to do with bows! I think I just tend to gravitate towards these items at the shops, or something.

From the awesome Diva sales:

Cute earrings for $3

And more headbands... the white ribbon bow headband was $3, and the smaller metal was $5 - both from Diva as well!

ETA: Woah, I didn't even realise I haven't posted for a very long time! Been v. busy with the new temp job, and lots of overtime. Haven't really had a chance to do much else! I've been neglecting the gym membership as well since I don't have any days off until next weekend!

Also been applying for jobs, so hopefully I can find another one before this position ends! Fingers crossed.


panda said...

you've got quite a collection of bow items! good luck with the job hunting!

Sushi said...

Lovely finds! Diva has got some really nice stuff if you search amongst the billions of eh things x Sushi