Sunday, 20 September 2009

Floriade 2009 Mind Body and Soul, Canberra

Was a nice sunny day to have a browse through Floriade, with this year's theme being Mind, Body and Soul:

Pretty lanterns filled the paths, presumably for Nightfest happening next week:

Bonsai displays:

And my favourite part, the stalls selling snacks, soaps, chocolate, jewellry and everything else inbetween:

Bega dried fruits - dried mango

mini jams from Alpine berry farm - 6 for $10

Blooming tea with 5 different kinds - can't wait to try this out! (hunting for a clear teapot first though)

Pretty handmade rose resin earrings:

Floriade is on from 12th September 2009 - 11th October 2009

Commonwealth Park


betty said...

oh what lovely pics - ill be heading here tomorrow, so really cant wait :)

fingers crossed it wont be raining too hard though... forecasts show rain rain rain :(

missklicious said...

Aww. The forecasts for this long weekend are so depressing. Fingers crossed there will be minimal rain though for your Floriade visit!