Monday, 21 September 2009

High Tea, Lotus Lounge at Floriade, Canberra

Selection of delectable Madame Flavour teas on the tea menu

salmon, cucumber & cream cheese sandwiches and chicken sandwiches

Sweet things - chocolate coated strawberries, lemon tart, chocolate cake, fruit tart and madeleine

Jam and cream for the scones

Madame Flavour - my choice of White Tea with rose, this was so delicious!

The 3 tiers- with scones and quiches on the bottom tier

Complimentary teas to take home with the High Tea! I'm in love with the White with Rose tea

Pretty pricey for what you get but I guess you're paying for the view!

High Tea
$48.50 per person (incl GST)
High Tea with a glass of Lindemans sparkling wine
$56.50 per person (incl GST)

Dates and times

  • 12, 13 September 12 - 2pm, 3 - 5pm
  • 19, 20 September 12 - 2pm, 3 - 5pm
Go Red for Women High Tea 21 September
  • Yoga among the tulips 8 - 9am Gold coin donation proceeds to Heart Foundation
  • High Tea 9 - 11am, 12 - 2pm, 3 - 5pm
  • 26, 27 September 12 - 2pm, 3 - 5pm
  • 3, 4, 5 October 12 - 2pm, 3 - 5pm
  • 10, 11 October 12 - 2pm, 3 - 5pm


betty said...

my gf said she was going to this - im gonna send her your review - because it really doesnt look worth it :s

but i love madame teas, i think i have the jasmine green tea - i actually tried a sample of hers, and wrote in a thank you note for her product (i think the packaging & concept is super)
and she sent me back a whole box to try ! so very nice of her ^_^

missklicious said...

You're right, it really isn't worth the price tag. I was excited to go, and it wasn't bad, but afterwards I was thinking that it's definitely overpriced for what you get.

I bought a box of the jasmine green tea and I love it as well! I will have to order the white tea with rose as they don't have it in supermarkets yet!