Saturday, 31 October 2009

Pistachio Dining at Torrens, Canberra

At the site where Pinocchio's Restaurant used to be, Pistachio Dining is a reletively new fine dining restaurant with rave reviews on Eatability

It was a busy full house the night I took my mum, and they were nice enough to inform me of this prior to confirming my booking, telling me that there were going to be big groups and it would probably be quite noisy, asking if I minded or not, which was really thoughtful, in case I was planning a romantic dinner or something (which it wasn't so it was fine!)

They even had a cute Pinocchio in a cage up the top area of the bar - a relic from the previous restaurant I'm guessing!

Pistachios were a good way to sate the hunger while waiting for entrees, garlic and herb bread and:

Seared scallops with herb gnocchi, butternut pumpkin and crisp sage leaves

Moving on to mains, I was so disappointed to find that the previous chicken dish which sounded absolutely delicious, had been replaced by a simpler (less impressive) sounding dish

Delicious plump scallops which I used to mop up the pumpkin and sauce, herb gnocchi was really good as well!

Seafood pie - salmon, prawn and scallop pie with verjuice cream and chervil

This was a cute and yummy take on a pie - with a juicy hunk of salmon, and other seafood piled on a crispy pastry base
Beef - grain fed beef tenderloin with bone marrow dumpling, saute spinach and mushroom ketchup

To be honest, I wasn't a massive fan of this dish, it wasn't as good as the other dishes of the night. This just could be due to the fact that I'm not a massive meat eater, and the chunk of meat was bigger than I expected. Wasn't a fan of the spinach either - should have ordered the rib eye with potato gratin in hindsight (oh well! next time!!)

And the best part of the night...

Dessert tasting plate - small serves of every single dessert on offer


Terrine - mango daiquiri terrine with lychee and mint salad and vanilla sago
Mousse- dark choc mousse with poached cherries and Tia Maria creme
Pannacotta - yoghurt pannacotta with mixed fresh berries and glass biscuit
Pudding - warm caramel pudding with pistachio ice cream
Eton mess - passionfruit jelly, meringue, madeline and vanilla creme

It was all delicious!

The service was fantastic as well, very attentive and friendly (cute waiter doesn't hurt either)- I don't think our water glasses were ever close to empty, they were very fastidious about making sure they were filled.

Great prices as well, so I'll definitely be back! I'll probably order a few entrees instead of a main next time though, as the entrees seem more appealing, but maybe they'll change the menu soon? It seems to change quite often.

Pistachio Dining
3a Torrens Place,
Torrens ACT 2607

Phone: (02) 6286 2966

Opening hours

Lunch Wed-Fri 12:00-3:00pm
Dinner Tues-Sat 6:00-10:00pm

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Great time for online shopping

Any excuse will do, and what better excuse than the ever encouraging improving exchange rate!

I'm currently awaiting the following goodies from Sephora that I bought with their recent 20% off sale:

Urban Decay Book of Shadows set volume II
Stila lip glaze collection
Urban Decay 24/7 super stash
Stila Gift of Appreciation

Perfect for upcoming Christmas presents (but mostly for myself hehe)

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Seriously loving....

Everything by Camilla and Marc this season! They can do no wrong, all these gorgeous pretty dresses that just scream 'buy me!'

I want it all, especially these pieces:

Viola frock

Peony frock - love the pretty lavender colour and the back design!

Daisy frock

Now to just narrow it down...

I had a peek in Myer Sydney City, and there is a bit of stock left, but seems to be very popular and is depleting quite quickly!

Monday, 26 October 2009

SIFF: Sugar Hit - Gallery Tea Lounge, Sheraton on the Park

After a rushed dinner with only moments to spare to rush to Sheraton on the Park, we gladly made it on time to find ourselves surrounded by chaos. It was quite busy, being a Friday night and all, and everyone wanting to get their late night Sugar Hits!

After a few minutes, we were seated, but staff were flustered - no communication and 10 minutes later out came our Sugar Hits, with no wine in sight.

Wine came several minutes later, the waiter coming through with a tray of wine to hand out to the masses.

Sheraton's offering of Warm Chocolate Pudding sprinkled with Golden Almond Splinter, Honeycomb Ice Cream and a drop of Chantilly Cream

Chocolate goodness oozing out...

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Beess & Co, Canberra

This is one of those cafes that you are reluctant to tell anyone about, mostly for the fact that it's so good, and is already ridiculously popular that it proves impossible to just wander in at lunch and get a table (much like the parking around there)

My tip is to book, or get there early (before 12) !

The specials boards - which seems to get moved about alot by the staff, depending on who wants to have a look, there's usually something new every week on the specials

Freshly squeezed juice - Orange, pineapple and mint

Beef medallions - on a bed of mash, baby veges and jus, this is always a mouthwatering inducing dish with tender beef mmm

Rare roast beef sandwich with mustard and salad
Brioche - this was so good, nice and warm, with a crunchy exterior, I slathered this with the poached pears and mascarpone provided

Perfect hot chocolate - so massive I can barely finish it!

  • Beess & Co Cafe
  • Yarralumla Shops
  • 5/29 Bentham St Yarralumla 2600 ACT
  • Phone: (02) 6285 0116

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Care packages & new purchases

As I mentioned in a earlier post, I was looking to put together a care package for our Aussie troops. Being the procrastinator I am, it took me a while to actually get my ass to the shops and buy stuff for it! And this is what I came up with:

The chips took up the most room, but considering the weight limit is 2kg it helps to have it in there to take up room without being too heavy!

Also managed to fit this game pack in there, all I'm missing is some more lollies, which I should get tomorrow hopefully and I can send it off!

Went shopping over the weekend, and I've officially lost my desire to shop. Which is a great thing for my savings! I did manage to buy a couple of headbands from Alannah Hill though:

Cherubic grin headband - Scored this baby for $10!

Pleading for affection headband

I'm loving the pretty bright colours, perfect for the warmer weather!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Dumpling Inn, Canberra

One of the few places in Canberra to serve Shanghainese cuisine. Dumpling Inn has been around for years now, and used to be in Aranda but is now at the Jamison shops.

The food came out super quick - it felt like we ordered and the food came out straight after, literally within 5 minutes!

Refreshing cold jelly fish salad

Tan tan noodles

Noodles with pork and preserved vegetable - these are always tasty and disappear fairly quickly!

Shallot cake

Siu long bau

Overall it was good, but tends to get on the greasy side after such a massive feast

Dumpling Inn restaurant
1/1 Lawry Place
Jamison Centre ACT 2614
(02) 6253 2268

Dumpling Inn on Urbanspoon

Friday, 16 October 2009

Citrus skittles

Found these at the supermarket today and my heart did a little leap.

My life is now complete!



Pink Grapefruit



Thursday, 15 October 2009

Vietnam House, Canberra

After failing to book a table for a new restaurant I wanted to try since they were all booked out, plan B was hatched and it's off to the closest Vietnamese place. In fact, I think this is the only Vietnamese restaurant in the Woden Plaza area.

It's Thursday night and not too busy, granted we are having a early dinner straight after work before 6pm, so that's more than likely the reason why it wasn't full.

I love their menu design which opens into a fan:

Arrays of drinks displayed in the fridge

Spring rolls - these were surprisingly bland - from the actual spring roll to the dipping sauce, I have no idea why since spring rolls are usually fail safe anywhere

Pork balls - these were deliciously smoky in flavour

Cute bowls for the single servings of rice

Tomato rice

Scallops in light satay sauce

Pork chops in salt and pepper - some pieces were a tad overcooked and resembled jerky

I've been here before and the dishes have been good, so I guess it can be a bit hit and miss depending on what dishes are ordered.

Vietnam House
Westfield Woden Plaza
Corinna St
Phillip ACT 2606