Thursday, 1 October 2009

Maxi love

Not sure if I have the height to pull these off, but doesn't stop me lusting over these gorgeous dresses from Forever New

The current collection is full of pretty floaty dresses, absolutely perfect for summer!

1. Silk geometric column dress

2. Silk stencil print maxi dress

3. Sequined bodice drape front maxi dress

4. Oriental garden print maxi dress

5. Silk geo print maxi dress

Now to try and narrow it down and decide which one! At the moment I'm gravitating towards 2, 4 & 5, but I'll have to go tomorrow to see them in real life and try them on.

I love summer dresses!


MissTeow said...

I adore 4. Summer dresses are beautiful, though I can never think of an occasion where I would wear it hehe.

missklicious said...

Haha me either! I want all these pretty dresses, but never actually go anywhere that warrants the wearing of one.