Sunday, 29 November 2009

Weekend purchases

All these enticing sales lately are sending me broke!

Tony Bianco patent Elwood flats

Alannah Hill 'It's a Showdown cardi' in black

Love the pretty beading and buttons!

And the sleeves *sigh*

Also bought some pants for work:

'Please Believe me' pants

Little Spiritual Girl pants

I love the quirky details that Alannah Hill clothes always have.

I always bought a jacket (not pictured)

Couldn't go past the gorgeous accessories at the counter either (Yes, I have no willpower)

Flower Poy bobby pins

Send me Shivers clip

Love the graduating purple stones!

Dare I mention the words shopping ban?


katthroatworld said...

SUCH cute stuff! love everything!!! :)

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

It's always the little details that count in life, if not in clothing! Love the cute girliness of Alannah Hill but just wish it wasn't so pricey...eek!

missklicious said...

Alannah Hill stuff is always so pretty, but yes, on the pricey side as well - that's why I usually only buy it on sale - but doesn't matter as her style doesn't vary that much.