Boxing Day sales & Christmas haul

Woke up at the ungodly hour of 6:45 this morning, sans alarm, so decided I might as well get up and hit the Boxing Day sales.

My Boxing Day effort

Alot of the sales were actually the same as the pre-Christmas ones like Review and Mimco, while some of the sales before  Boxing Day were better!

Swarovski was crazy as always, I managed to get in line quite early, so I got in during the second round. If I didn't line up that early, I wouldn't have even bothered! The line was insanely long when I left.

Ended up buying 2 things, as we only had 5 minutes to browse and were getting hurried out the door:


Set of 3 rings (excuse the fat fingers eww)

Went a little crazy at Peter Alexander - cutest doggy bag!!

Pyjama bag

Hehe, love the tee!

Also bought:

*A bunch of Pleasure State lingerie from Myer for 40% off with a one day offer 30% extra off
*Skirt for work from SABA
*Review jacket for work
*Cue knit for work from the outlet at DFO
*Cooking Mama 2 for the Wii - so much fun!

As for Christmas presents, I was pretty spoilt:

I received the Sims 3 expansion pack, Marc Jacobs Lola set with body lotion and shower gel, and also a little something from T&Co. All from the lovely bf.

Since I pretty much blew one week's worth of pay in a day, I shall have to live frugally for the near future aka until payday (which might be hard since it's New Year's Eve soon eeek!)

So what post Christmas bargains did you all grab?


Kat said…
cool stuff! that puppy pyjama bag is so cute! love the swarovski jewelry, too! :) i didn't get to go post-christmas shopping, yet. maybe on monday.. i hope there are still crazy sales.. AND MERCH!
panda said…
what a haul! the only shops i've managed to get to are the camping shops cause the boy has been wanting to get stuff for camping. i think by the time i go, there'll be nothing left!
Oh, the craziness of post-Christmas sales! I must be getting old because I avoided them this year =( but I'm sure my credit card will thank me later!
Just a girl said…
those pj's are super cute, wow i completly missed peter alexander on myy shopping spree.

sims expansion is def fun, i have just started playing it.
missklicious said…
kat - Peter Alexander makes the cutest pyjamas! I always want to buy everything in the shop. Ooh, I'm sure you guys have awesome sales! We always have to pay ridiculous RRP for lots of things compared to the US.

panda - Aww, I think it's still worth a look though, I had a look at Sydney City shops today but didn't buy much. I think the pre-xmas sales were better! (except a few things were discounted more after xmas)

mademoiselle - yeah, post xmas sales are always crazy! The news showed people lining up at 1am at the major department stores. CRAZY!

Miss Jade - You should check it out! DJs has some PA stuff on sale as well.

I'm keen to start playing the expansion pack! Good to hear it's fun!!!
Sushi said…
Wow such cute things! I love the Lola perfume too. Hope you had a lovely Christmas :) x Sushi
ozbloggers said…
oh i didnt get a chance to go hunt around for goods during boxing day!

anyway, do visit to read other OZ Blogs

c ya and happy new year!