Capital Region Farmers Market Twilight Markets- EPIC, Canberra, and a Merry Christmas!

The Capital Region Farmers Market are held every Saturday from 8am - 11am, with a Special Twilight markets held last night. Presumably due to the Christmas demand.

I got there after work, it was nearing 6pm and some stalls had already packed up or were low on stock. It was pretty quiet.

Free range egg stall

There were mainly stalls selling vegetables and fruit, alot of stalls were not present presumably due to the Christmas break

Cherries galore - taste testing the different varities

Boxes of cherries from Young

Even though there weren't that many stalls, I did manage to make one purchase:

I HAS cherry pie!

I had it for dessert last night and it was very good - massive chunks of cherry throughout. Yum!

 Held at Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC).

Undercover in the large buildings at the northern end of EPIC.
Saturday 8am to 11am

 I finished work today (if you can call sitting around and exploring the interwebs work!) at midday, and had a lovely lunch at The Flute Bakery (post coming soon!) and will be off to Sydney this afternoon. Watching Avatar 3D tonight so that should be good!

Hope all my readers a very lovely and Merry Christmas!!! 


Hope you're enjoying your time here in the 'lovely' Christmas weather of Sydney! =p