Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas Cheer - Koko Black, Canberra

If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping, I think now's the time to:

1) Surrender and face the wrath

2) Do some crazy midnight shopping 

3) Last minute shopping on Christmas Eve afternoon aka grab anything in sight

I still haven't finished mine... So I guess my option will be #3 or my personal favourite

4) Go into hiding

Since that's not exactly a realistic option, I'll have to brave the shops which have been getting busier and crowded each time I set foot in a shopping centre. Let's hope that everyone is super organised thus leaving the shops empty for me tomorrow. Haha Wishful thinking?

Anyway, a fail safe Christmas present is chocolate. Which brings me to Koko Black who currently have a Christmas range out. Perfect! 

Adorable snowmen which I was so keen to buy, but they were out of the small sized ones! And severely lacking in the white chocolate variety (which was way more cute!)

Hot chocolate. I was tempted to try the new raspeberry or peppermint ice chocolates, but they are gigantic and I can never finish them, so ended up with a trusty hot choccie instead.

Something from their new summer menu:

White chocolate and raspberry cake, raspberry sorbet and a teddy bear pop. The sorbet was delicious, so tart and refreshing!

Cute Christmas gifts

So you can probably guess where I'll be doing the rest of my last minute shopping?

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bowsnhearts said... idea that KoKo Black does something like this!

Everywhere so x'masy!

katthroatworld said...

it's so interesting that your christmases are hot. it's so cold here in the states! i love your little eatery posts. everything looks good, as usual!


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Oh, those snowmen are adorable! Much less creepy than the heavily bearded Santas...or perhaps I just have a weird phobia =p

missklicious said...

bowsnhearts - Unfortunately I venture into Koko Black probably more often than I should, which is probably not a good thing!

kat - I'd love to go to the US for a proper white Christmas! I think I've only experienced one winter Christmas in Hong Kong ages ago.

mademoiselle - Sounds like someone has a Santa phobia! hehe just kidding. I agree, the snowmen are much cuter which is probably why they were all sold out!

Anita said...

Chocolate is a great present. You can (almost) never be dissapointed with chocolate.