Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Satisfying the sweet tooth - Jazz Apple Cafe & The Flute Bakery, Canberra

Tis' the season to be merry, and indulge in all things sweet!

I rushed around before Christmas to ensure I could get my sweet treats fix as most places close down for a couple of weeks at least.

First top. Jazz Apple Cafe outside the fountain in Civic, a relatively new shop in Canberra, I had high expectations which is probably why I felt a bit let down. The cupcakes didn't look very captivating or special - or maybe I've just been spoilt by Cupcakes on Pitt and co with their amazing decorations (taste is a totally different matter though)

Open from Monday-Friday until 3pm, I think they are open on Saturdays now as well which is good for those of us that don't work in Civic!

Christmas cupcakes galore

The service was great. The guy behind the counter was really friendly and enthusiastic with explaining what each flavour was since they didn't have any signs indicating what each cupcake was.

I also love that they put the cupcakes in a little plastic holder so it doesn't squashed

Peach melba cupcake - one of the new flavours

The icing was a bit sweet for me but the cupcake was nice, fluffy and not too dry

Jazz Apple Cafe
u5/222 City Walk
City ACT 2601
(02) 6247 2601

Next stop was my new found love, The Flute Bakery in Fyshwick, who don't reopen until the 27th of January!!! ARGH!

I finished work at noon on Christmas Eve and popped over here for a quick lunch and more importantly, to see what cakes were on offer. The shop was quite full and the bare shelves were being depleted by the second.

Beef and red wine pie

Vegetable and feta quiche

Macadamia and honey brioche - heavenly!

I spied this when purchasing the pie and quiche, and decided I wanted one for later! There were heaps left though (at least 6) and then when I sat down to eat, I noticed that suddenly there was only ONE left, so I hurriedly rushed in line mid-meal to claim my brioche. Haha

Brioche goodness

Pear and pistachio tart

Delicious crumbly and packed full of pear

Berry cheesecake

Profiterole cake

Pistachio and white chocolate mousse cake - this was amazing and my favourite out of all of them!

The Flute Bakery
8 Barrier Street
Fyshwick ACT 2609
(02) 6280 8001


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

What I've learnt with all the cupcake places that seem to keep springing up around the place is that definitely not all cupcakes are created equal! When in Sydney, I recommend you visit one of The Cupcake Bakery stores - you won't be disappointed =)

And happy new year to you!

Cath @ Moo-Lolly-Bar said...

Well this certainly sounds like my kind of place! All the cakes look wonderful!