Sunday, 6 December 2009

Saturday breakfast, Beess & Co, Canberra

Woke up bright and early for a Saturday only to be tempted into breakfast at Beess & Co, but the promise of Ricotta hotcakes by my very persuasive mum.

Nothing much else can get me up out of bed on one of the few days during the week where sleeping in is possible.

As always, the place is busy, luckily we get in early, and watch on as all the tables (inside and out) fill up as the morning progresses.

Flaky almond croissant - get in quick as these disappear very quickly!

Hot chocolate - very creamy and satisfying however I always struggle to finish the massive mug

And the stuff dreams are made of - Ricotta hotcakes with berry compote and mascarpone

The staff are so lovely and friendly, remembering and calling their regular customers by name and even memorising orders! If you are sharing something, they'll even offer to split the serve onto two plates with no extra charge. Last time my mum and I shared the Ricotta hotcakes and they did this for us, making the hotcakes smaller so they could be divided amongst each plate evenly, and each with a dish of mascarpone. Now that's service!

Beess & Co Cafe
Yarralumla Shops
5/29 Bentham St Yarralumla 2600 ACT
Phone: (02) 6285 0116


katthroatworld said...

*drools* @.@

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I admire that sort of service for its thoughtfulness. I went to a Japanese place that split our mains for us without us asking, because the staff themselves had noticed us sharing all our entrees.

Food lover said...

LOVE ricotta hot cakes - yum!