Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Too hot to blog...

All I want to the minimum ie: nap in this heat and eat icecream!

Had Christmas lunch for the whole Division this afternoon and had the rest of the day off, 35 degrees. Came home and passed out on the floor. Haha (I surely am all class)

Had my team Christmas lunch at the Lotus Bay Restaurant at the Canberra Yacht Club last week:

What's a Christmas work function without bon bons - complete with lame jokes that don't even make sense!

Entree- scallops with broadbean salad

Main - Chicken with roasted veges

The food was pretty average, possibly due to the fact that they were booked out for Christmas and flat out- the food took ages to come out and when it did, the vegetables were cold and gross. The menu descriptions also varied with what actually came out.

We also booked the vegetarian option for a few people and they assured us that they would have a few options but on the day they "ran out" of all the options besides one, which I thought was a pretty poor effort!

Lotus Bay Restaurant
Canberra Southern Cross Yacht Club
Mariner Place
Lotus Bay, Yarralumla Australian Capital Territory 2600
(02) 6273 1784


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Was about to say, a bit hot for roast vegetables! But not sure whether it's a good or bad thing that they were cold =(

missklicious said...

It was definitely a bad thing since they were all dried out. But yeah, probably a bit hot for it anyway! I left most of the veges.

Yuki said...

Thanks for visiting..
you have a pretty blog =)
yeah...i guess it was time to have someone blogging about Canberra food...we are not like Sydney..but sometimes there are little hidden gems somewhere..hehehe
well..i'm still a newbie.. =P hopefully i will get more readers one day!

katthroatworld said...

omg. it's soooo cold over here in the states! the wind and chill were soooo brutal today! is it really that hot over there in australia?

missklicious said...

Yes, it's been quite hot over here. It was 36 degrees yesterday, and alot of bushfires.

I get spared from most of it though since I sit in aircon at work all day.

Does it snow over where you are kat?

bowsnhearts said...

Oh god...I hate eating out when it gets closer to X'mas! Everywhere always super busy.

Going to just cook at home for X'mas. At least I know the waiting time can be controlled by me. :P