Sunday, 31 January 2010

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe - The Rocks, Sydney

After the traffic ordeal, I was totally unenthusiastic and didn't feel like doing anything. What better way to recover after dinner? I had a quick browse at the Rocks Markets by Moonlight and they were quite small and unappealing as most people were there for the food stalls.

The chocolate menu

Smack bang right next to the markets is Guylian Beglian Chocolate Cafe so it was fate. The walk from Chinatown to the Rocks after dinner worked up a bit of an appetite for dessert (as if I ever need a reason, I have a seperate stomach for dessert)

Decisions, decisions! The beautiful display of cakes galore.

Since it was late, they were missing a few options but I still had a bit of trouble picking!

Pretty red candles and table number with the signature seahorse.

Alot of things on the menu caught my eye, so I'll definitely be back to try more.

They even have a high tea option during Monday-Thursdays 3pm-6pm, has anyone tried this? I would love to try it, but pity they only have it on those weekdays!

Lemon Torte - Lemon cream, lemon gel & ganache, hazelnut roulade layer with genoise sponge

Visually very bright and pretty - it was quite tart with relief in the form of the cake inside. This was my cake, and now that I think about it, I don't know why I picked this whilst dining at a chocolate cafe? It was nice, but not amazing.

Pretty lemon torte

Opera My Way- Chocolate cream mousse, espresso butter cream, layered with hazelnut dacquoise & chocolate sponge

Decadant- a chocolate lover's paradise!

91 George Street
The Rocks NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 8274 7500

Saturday, 30 January 2010

So Sydney

When it takes you over 2 hours to get somewhere that normally takes 30 minutes. And pay $3.80 toll fee for the privilege.

Merrily left work at 4:30 in the afternoon, and didn't get into the City until after 6:30. Note to self: Must put water supply and rations in the car next time.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Choices Vietnamese Restaurant- Manuka, Canberra

I love the Entertainment Book as it lets you try places you wouldn't normally bother going, or wouldn't be interested in trying.

During the first few weeks of January in Canberra, it's like a restaurant ghost town, with most places shutting down since Christmas. This is one of those days, and the restaurant in Manuka I'm interested in trying is closed, so we venture off into the Entertainment Book to find a quick fix.

Choices Vietnamese Restaurant

It was quite a hot day and all we had was a portable air cooler for comfort
Typical Vietnamese restaurant menu, but quite exxy

Stir fried beef and vegetables

I quite liked this dish, it was nice and simple, with crunchy snowpeas and tender beef.
Chicken and veges in coconut curry- a good one to accompany rice
I enjoyed the dishes, but thought the servings were quite small and it was expensive for basic Vietnamese food. Even with the Entertainment Card, it didn't feel like it was even discounted!

Choices Vietnamese Restaurant
Shop 5, Palmerston Lane
Manuka, ACT 2603

Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Super Early Birthday Present

From my dearest Mum.

My birthday isn't until March so I think it was just an excuse to buy me a present.

Precious cargo

Sarah Wallet in Rose Florentin Monogram Vernis

Love the gorgeous nude colour

I'm a bit wary about ruining the Vernis by accidently scratching or discolouring it, but I'll make sure I'm careful! Cannot wait to start using it.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Favourite Brunch Destination - Beess & Co - Yarralumla, Canberra

This beloved cafe needs no introduction.

Perfect hot chocolate - in a massive mug to boot!

From the specials board - grilled scallops with asian wakame salad + walnut vinegarette

Another from the specials board - Grilled salmon with an asparagus, avocado + kipfler salad, all my favourite items in one dish and it was FANTASTIC! I gobbled this all up in no time. Too bad it's only on the specials board!

Ricotta hotcakes that I always get for brekkie

This is actually just half of the serve, as they kindly split the serving into two for easy sharing. Notice they even cook more hotcakes (minature versions) so it's easily split into two servings. They really are fab! I love places that go the extra mile.

I miss Canberra already *tear*

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Happy Australia Day!

Hope you all had a fantastic day, soaking up the sunshine, enjoying having a day off in this beautiful country of ours.

Mine wasn't exactly productive - the day off was a great excuse to have a steaky beak at the shops and catch up with my mum who came down for the day. YAY!

Grudgingly back to work tomorrow.

I'm really craving sausage sizzle right now. I'm quite angry I didn't get around to having some BBQ food (How un-Australian! Haha)

Monday, 25 January 2010

Yumei Japanese Restaurant- Capitol Square, Sydney

Yumei is always the fail safe option for a quick Japanese when another place is full or there's a hard time deciding where to eat in a hurry.

On this particular day we're here for lunch and it never seems to be full of people when we go (not sure if that's a good or bad thing though!)

The tables are fitted with a buzzer, which you use to get the staff's attention. It's quite handy!

Strawberry Calpico

Beef Nabeyaki Udon - this was my meal, and it wasn't the best udon I've tasted. The noodles were a bit overcooked, and the soup had a strange flavour. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great.

Generous serving of Takoyaki

The plate of Takoyaki just seemed to go on forever!

Yumei Japanese Restaurant
Shop G09 Atrium Street Level
Capitol Square
Haymarket Sydney NSW

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Lazy Sunday + Alannah Hill purchases

It's been a pretty sad weekend. I've been at home since Friday doing exciting, and productive things, such as cleaning, organising my things and not so productive ie: lying on the couch watching Foxtel.

Some of my recent Alannah Hill purchases from the 50% sale:

Pave Paradise clips

This headband wasn't actually reduced since it's Winter stock, but I impulse purchased it anyway! I love the graduated purple stones. It's so gorgeous in real life!

It's called 'She Saw The Stars' headband

She Floated Away cami- which is more a blouse than a cami. So pretty! It's a coral/peach colour which gradually gets darker from top to bottom. Great for work or going out.

Gorgeous glassy buttons and pretty ruffle details

I've had my eye on this cardi for a while, but decided to wait to see if it would be further reduced, and it was! 'Storm of Doubt' cardi in a gorgeous purple colour.

I should have looked closely at the quality though, as I discovered when I got home that there a few stitches loose and the beading looks like it will come off soon, so I won't be wearing this one until I get the beading re-enforced.

Gorgeous beads - and I'm in love with the shade of purple!

The Happy Bunny cardi - too cute! Had to have this since I adore rabbits and it's my Chinese zodiac sign and plus the adorable buttons!

The gorgeous back

I could have bought alot more, but I was strapped for time since I went after work on Thursday and only had 2 hours to shop (and I wanted to have a looksie at DJs and Myer after Alannah Hill) There was a MASSIVE lineup to pay, and I think I missed out on most of the good things, since some of the shelves seemed a bit bare.

I really wanted the heart print scarf, but missed out by a millisecond - I saw one girl holding two different colours and was secretly hoping she'd put one down but that didn't happen! There was alot of pretty dresses and things, but I was good and held back! Which is quite hard since everything is beautiful in that shop, and it's like being a kid in a candy store.

I don't think this weekend has been long enough! What has everyone been up to?

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Beating the heatwave with Passionflower - Capitol Square, Sydney

I love icecream all year long, even when it's freezing cold in winter! However, nothing beats cooling off with a nice cold icecream. I tend to gravitate toward the fruity flavours during summer.

Passionflower's new 'ice party' menu

They have new fruity concoctions, all with shaved ice

I wasn't sure what to pick as they all looked pretty good, and they also had some new flavours as well - I spotted pandan, burnt creme caramel and a papaya & lime sorbet, which all sounded great!

My non-adventurous dining companion's Hokey Pokey in a waffle basket

From the ice party menu - lime sorbet + shaved ice + bitter lime jelly + kiwi fruit and peach

The lime sorbet was nice and tangy, perfect for cooling down. I liked the fruit and jelly down the bottom but the ice was a bit of a miss for me. It came with a shot of lime syrup, but I thought it was way too much ice and I gave up a quarter of the way through it.

Shop G12 Capitol Square
730-742 George Street
Haymarket NSW

Friday, 22 January 2010

Celebrating Friday

Made it through work in one piece this week!

Promise to catch up on my blog posts tomorrow since I'll be hiding out away from the blistering heat at home. Including AH and OPI purchases and food posts!

What's everyone got on for the weekend?

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Adjusting - blog from iPhone

I'm definitely settling into work more as the days go by. The first 2 days were quite daunting and also exhausting. I was drained from trying to comprehend all the information, but after being given a few tasks to do yesterday, I'm starting to feel at home.

Late night shopping tonight didn't hurt either! Went to the crazy 50% off Alannah Hill sales and really wanted the heart print scarf that this girl was holding two of the last ones (I stalked to no avail) but I left with 2 cardis, a blouse and hair accesories. Pics to come shortly!

Blogging on iPhone is kinda difficult
so I'll do a "real" post tomorrow.

Night night all xo

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Ming's Restaurant - Phillip, Canberra

As I think I've mentioned previously, Ming's Restaurant is one of those great bargain Chinese restaurants. They always have tasty food and massive eat in portions. Perfect for lunch or dinner that won't dent the budget.

Complimentary prawn chips to munch on while waiting

Shan Tung chicken

Stir fried beef noodles

Salted fish and chicken fried rice

Ma Po tofu

Everything on the menu is quite tasty, and there's always bound to be leftovers, so really, it's like two meals for the price of one. Service is always quick and friendly so that's a plus as well.

Ming's Restaurant
7 Botany Street
Phillip ACT 2606
Ph: (02) 6282 9799