Sunday, 3 January 2010

2009 recap and New Year's Resolutions

2009 in a nutshell (warning photo intensive post!)

New Year's Eve 2008
Welcomed in the new year with a random trip, with bestie, her bf and friend, last minute trip to Sydney where we just made it in time the minute the fireworks started at the Rocks.

I previously graduated the month before, and needed to find a job, but wasn't too fussed due to my impending overseas trip to...

Hong Kong, Macau & Tokyo!

March - the beginning of something special

Lugging around my dSLR and still learning to make the most of it!

Working and job hunting, getting a bit disheartened and depressed because of this for a few months

June - Started a contract at the Attorney-General's Department. Finally a job! (For one month!)

July - Job hunting again. Got my braces after going to the dentist a million times - filling and root canal, 3 wisdom teeth out and 4 other teeth back in April (luckily under general anesthesia! was puffy as hell for ages)

Started a new role in the same department, but a different office and location, have been there ever since! Well until the end of next week since I recently found a new job. It's been great, everyone is lovely and I will miss them all!

Filled with adventures, lots of shopping and eating!

Visiting baby Luk Chai at Taronga Zoo

Fluffy Mr Kookaburra joining us for lunch


October- Good Food Month, I only managed to do a couple of Sugar Hits

Sculptures by the Sea & the day of my successful job interview!

December - Christmas parties galore, break from work and the start of a new decade!

Goodbye 2009!

Last year has gone by so fast, it feels like one big blur. Scary!

Now for New Year's Resolutions which I will set realistically so I actually have a chance of keeping them!

1) Blog everyday this year. 365 days. I really want to keep this up but not sure how I'll feel a few months down the track. Haha

2) Exercise more. Go to the gym regularly. I'll leave this open ended though! (baby steps)

3) Go on a buying make up ban. I really do not need anymore, I've got piles of the stuff at home that I hardly even touch! The only exception is if I finish something, then and only then, I can replace it.

4) Save more! My goal is at least $200 a week. I've been spending way too much in 2009 and need to cut back on buying like it's going out of fashion. Not sure how I'll fare on this with added expenses of moving out though, but I'll try! (Tax return should help!)

5) Go overseas at least once this year. Anywhere. But somewhere I haven't been before.

6) Go on a few weekends away/road trips or interstate journeys - on my hit list are the Blue Mountains, Whale Beach, North & South coast, and Melbourne!

7) Learn a new language - possibly continue a mandarin course since I started that last year...

8) Try a different new restaurant every week. Make use of my neglected Entertainment Book! (And that's 1 blog post out of 7 for every week. 2 birds with one stone. Score!)

9) Look after myself more. All the healthy stuff - drink 2 litres of water a day, stick to a proper skincare routine etc

10) Avoid the crowds and go away or do something special for the next New Year's Eve!

Fine print: I take comfort in the fact that NYE Resolutions are made to be broken)

So what are your New Year's Resolutions?


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I don't make resolutions but I like to have an aim for the year, like not letting chances slip by or letting myself have regrets. This year, I actually have a short-term goal to lose weight, but that's because I have my wedding coming up in April. Otherwise, my general aim is always to be a happier and more generous person.

Happy new year again, and best of luck with the big move =)

katthroatworld said...

amazing photos! sooo pretty! interesting resolutions!

missklicious said...

Thanks so much! x