Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Favourite Brunch Destination - Beess & Co - Yarralumla, Canberra

This beloved cafe needs no introduction.

Perfect hot chocolate - in a massive mug to boot!

From the specials board - grilled scallops with asian wakame salad + walnut vinegarette

Another from the specials board - Grilled salmon with an asparagus, avocado + kipfler salad, all my favourite items in one dish and it was FANTASTIC! I gobbled this all up in no time. Too bad it's only on the specials board!

Ricotta hotcakes that I always get for brekkie

This is actually just half of the serve, as they kindly split the serving into two for easy sharing. Notice they even cook more hotcakes (minature versions) so it's easily split into two servings. They really are fab! I love places that go the extra mile.

I miss Canberra already *tear*


Ladybird said...

Phwoarrr.. I love ricotta hotcakes for breakfast - they are THE BEST!

Lily said...

i have never tried ricotta hotcakes!! urgh i'm missing out.

bowsnhearts said...

Omg...I have never tried ricotta hotcakes as well! They must be terribly sinful!!

missklicious said...

Ricotta hotcakes are deliciously fluffy. You must try them!

C'est moi, Cecilia ♥ said...

hey darl!
that hot choc looks really good!
*hi5* mac convert :)
and thanks hun!


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

That is one generous serve of salmon!