Ming's Restaurant - Phillip, Canberra

As I think I've mentioned previously, Ming's Restaurant is one of those great bargain Chinese restaurants. They always have tasty food and massive eat in portions. Perfect for lunch or dinner that won't dent the budget.

Complimentary prawn chips to munch on while waiting

Shan Tung chicken

Stir fried beef noodles

Salted fish and chicken fried rice

Ma Po tofu

Everything on the menu is quite tasty, and there's always bound to be leftovers, so really, it's like two meals for the price of one. Service is always quick and friendly so that's a plus as well.

Ming's Restaurant
7 Botany Street
Phillip ACT 2606
Ph: (02) 6282 9799


Love salted fish and chicken fried rice but so many places don't use enough salted fish these days!
missklicious said…
Well this one is plentiful! I'm not normally a big fan but I like the flavour of it in this dish.
Humpty Dumpty said…
yum yum yum! id always want to eat salted fish and chicken fried rice, but i think it would scare my white aussie bf. he already doesnt eat any seafood so i think the "salted fish" would scare him away. lol.

my tummy is making weird noises, me thinks im hungry...