Saturday, 9 January 2010

Wasabi Teppanyaki Restaurant - Manuka, Canberra

I have been wanting to try Wasabi Teppanyaki out ever since I attempted to try the sister restaurant in Dickson for dinner, but they were all booked out. 

Looking for somewhere to eat, we stumbled across the Manuka branch and it was open for lunch on weekends, which the Dickson branch does not. 

They offer Teppanyaki and an normal lunch menu, and this time we opt for the lunch menu.

Specials menu which includes bento boxes, ramen and sushi to name a few

Sparkling apple juice

Rainbow roll

Duck ramen

Banana tempura with black sesame icecream - I have to admit this looks terrible with the fluro (strawberry flavoured) sauce and it really would have been better without it!

Overall the lunch was only OK... There wasn't much choice on the limited lunch menu and it was a struggle to choose something I actually wanted to eat.

However, we spied this after our lunch, and knew we had to come back and give it a try!

$15 Teppanyaki lunch special

It was a scorcher today, so probably not the best day for Teppanyaki! haha

Lunch special menu - $3 extra for fried rice, we chose the eye fillet steak and prawn

Appetizer - chicken karaage

Served with a salad- nice and fresh!

Miso soup- I didn't even bother with this, too hot for soup

Here comes the chef...

Entertainment fried rice

Dipping sauces

Big juicy prawn and steak

Wasabi Teppanyaki Restaurant

Shop 7/ 18 Flinders Way 
Griffith 2603

Ph: (02) 6295 8777


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

The batter on the banana fritters looks quite nice but *faint* at the bright, bright sauce!

C'est moi, Cecilia ♥ said...

hey darl!
i tagged you in a photo tag in my latest post :)


p.s. all the food looks so good! *drooools*

missklicious said...

md: Haha, the sauce looks almost radioactive!

Cecilia: Thanks for the tag lovely!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Love the food pics, esp the upside down prawn. lol.

um, silly question, people eat the prawn head as well right? cause my friends who go Teppanyaki, they eat the head and i could imagine myself eating the eyes...but they said its like crunchy like chips.

missklicious said...

I don't eat the prawn head, but alot of people do.

Anonymous said...
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