Friday, 26 February 2010

Canberra Eats - Koko Black, Cakes & Home Cooking!

Every trip I take back home is a frantic rush to stuff my face with everything I love there (not that I'm deprived of good food here in Sydney or anything! Actually quite the opposite)
Some of the things I ate on my last trip:
Fab looking ice tea from Koko Black- I actually had more pics of the food, but my iPhone decided to have a mind of it's own and delete most of my pics. I thought I'd grab a refreshing drink to wash down all the rich chocolately goodness, and it was good! Lots of strawberry pieces, hint of lemon and lime and fresh mint.

My mum went to The Flute Bakery earlier this time because they had already sold out some cakes last time, so of course had to take pre-emptive action:
I didn't actually buy them so I'm unsure of the names. I know the top one is a berry cheesecake, middle is some sort of coffee flavoured mousse, and the bottom one is white, milk and dark chocolate mousse


The one on the left was my favourite- I loved the mini chocolate blocks, SO CUTE! The biscuit layer was so crunchy and delish, not sure what it was made out of, but tasted like a mixture of wafers and biscuits, followed by layers of yummy white chocolate and milk chocolate mousse.

Mini chocolate block decorations!!

Hazelnut mousse

And of course, some lovely cooking from home:
Stuffed capsicum ready to go in the oven - chicken filling with corn and peas

Cheesy-ness - could have done with a bit more cheese, but my cheese sprinkling skills failed.


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

That iced tea looks fab with all the fruity bits. Super refreshing and cooling =)

bowsnhearts said...

I am going to Canberra this Sunday until's a business trip!

I am just planning to stay in my room the whole time while I get things done. I hope there are lots of cabs in Canberra!

The stuffed capsicum looks so yummy!

retrodaze said...

The presentation of the cakes are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! All the food you come across look soooo good!

missklicious said...

md: It was super refreshing!I'm sure it'd be easy to recreate at home as well!

bowsnhearts: ooh, business trip! There does tend to be a decent amount of cabs in Canberra due to parliamentry sittings etc, I've never had any trouble with them (except Canberra Express) I'd go with Canberra Cabs.

Any plans to eat out, shop etc?

retrodaze - Yeah, their cakes are always really gorgeous!

anon- Thanks so much! Really appreciate it =)

Little A. said...

OMG that food looks so amazing. And that ice tea!! Yummm I love food. xx