Sunday, 21 February 2010

I heart closing down sales

I popped into the Mollini closing down sale quite late, so missed out on all the good stuff. But I did manage to score these Tony Bianco patent heels 

There were only 5 pairs of Tony Biancos left in the whole store, so I was lucky to even score a pair in my size!

Perfect shoes for work or play

Everything in the store was only $50!

I picked up a whole heap of Party Feet stuff for $5 each while I was at it. YAY for anything that makes wearing heels comfier!


Lily said...

oh my god!!!! i'm incredibly jealous right now!!!! $50 for a gorgeous tony bianco black peep toe heel *gasps*

is the heel comfortable to walk in? my feet are really picky when it comes to heels, i wanted to get a pair similar to yours @ melbourne.. it was soooo damn comfortable. until i looked at the price tag O_O 1g.. back to the stand you go heel.

i've never heard of mollini! damn i want a shoe store to close around here!!

grace said...

wooh sexy shoes!

panda said...

love tony bianco shoes - and what a bargain for just $50!

missklicious said...

Lily - Tell me about it! It was an amazing bargain. I was so angry I didn't get there earlier, as there were only a few pairs of Tony Biancos left!

They are OK in the comfort factor so far, I haven't walked far with them/only tried them on for a little while. I'll let you know when I give them a test run!

Comfy heels tend to be on the expensive side =( as you've experienced! Hehe

Grace - Agreed!

panda - I know, especially since it's a basic style and those hardly go on sale.