Sunday, 7 February 2010

Makoto Sushi Bar - Sydney

Hands down the best sushi in Sydney. Makoto is the one place I never get sick of frequenting over and over again.

I actually visit Makoto at least once a week, but have never blogged about it, until now!

Sushi displays to drool over while you combat the wait in line

Put your name down on the sheet and grab the number ticket! I always put down preference for the bar instead of tables, since that's where the sushi action is. However, desperate times call for desperate measures, and if I'm really hungry AND it's really busy, I'll reluctantly take a table.

More displays

My sushi choices are usually the same - I'm biased toward aburi and always choose the salmon dishes. Pretty boring actually, but fulfils the cravings!

Scallop Aburi

Combination tempura - I especially love the eggpant and pumpkin. YUM!

A combination of my two favourite sushi items- scallop and salmon on a shiny expensive gold plate to boot!

Chicken karaage

Salmon Aburi - I usually grab multiples of this, so melt in the mouth good *drool*

Busy busy

119 Liverpool Street
(Cnr Pitt and Liverpool Street)
Sydney 2000


panda said...

makoto is unquestionably my favourite place for sushi - i love that they have so much variety and they keep coming up with new combos!

SK said...

Makoto is easily my favourite sushi bar. The desserts (green tea ice-cream) and the handrolls are my must haves when I visit and they have the best green tea!

Here's a pic of said desserts :

I'm drooling even thinking about it/