Saturday, 6 February 2010

Taste of Shanghai - World Square, Sydney

Everytime I've walked past this newly opening restaurant in World Square, it's been packed. This is always a good indication, so I add it to the ever growing list of 'restaurants to try'.

With another Friday night traffic jam journey to the City from work (it *only* took one hour this time!) we still got there and had dinner at an unusually early time before 6pm. One advantage is that we managed to score a table straight away and avoid the lines that seemed to be forming as we were finishing.

Service was fairly quick - they took little time to bring out dishes, which was great since I was hungry!

Glossy black menus with pictures- It's great that more restaurants are adopting these, as I love a bit of visual aid when it comes to ordering food.

They also have quite a variety of drinks and desserts (sadly didn't have room for dessert! *gasp*)

Picture menu

Condiments - chilli, soy and vinegar - I notice that they didn't provide us with anything to put the sauce in. Are you just meant to use your bowl? I didn't use them anyway, but was just curious.

Bubble milk tea with pearls

Pork xiao long baos- these were so awesome, light delicate skins with a crazy amount of soup in them!

Shanghai noodles with pork and vegetable - these could have done with a bit more flavour

Moreish pan fried pork dumplings - crispy skins and juicy on the inside- yum!

They definitely beat Shanghai Tang by a mile - with their quick service, cheap and tasty food. Will be back soon for a dumplings fix again.

Taste of Shanghai
Shop 9, 07
World Square Shopping Centre
644 George Street, Sydney 2000
Ph: (02) 9261 8832

Locations in Ashfield and Eastwood as well.


Lily said...

yay! i'm so glad you went there :)

this is the best shanghai restaurant i've tried...there used to be another shang restaurant @ ashfield they served the best "xiao long bao"
but i heard the owner fired their top chef due to financial probs. bad move lol.

C'est moi, Cecilia ♥ said...

thank-you for the kind words darl :)
as always i drool over your good taste in good. !

xo :)

panda said...

didn't realise they'd opened up in world square...will go check it out!

Amy @ said...

I walk past this place often and I haven't even noticed it. I must pay extra attention when I am in the area again... OMG! I think those dumplings just called out my name!