Saturday, 13 February 2010

There's no place like home

Ahh feels so good to be back! The bus was a bit late as we were stuck in Sydney traffic for ages, and the driver decided to hit and scrape off the mirror of a CityRail car and so took a bit of time exchanging details and what not. 

Hate Sydney traffic.

Plus it was quite rainy too so traffic was a bit slower.

Home sweet home. Was so eager to sleep in my bed after a session with my beloved Mac (catching up on downloading etc) I missed it so much! 

Hi there comfy bed! Had the best sleep ever, without waking up feeling hot and sticky in the Sydney humidity!

My beloved clothes - slowly trying to transport them all.. getting there!

My mum cleaned out my room, went through everything, and rearranged it. It's so much cleaner and better now, but gee, there's no privacy is there? 

Yummy homemade pastries

It's been absolutely pouring today so I've just been home mostly, watching Saturday night TV, catching up on the interwebz & pigging out on yummy food at home. Sweet.


katthroatworld said...

those pastries look delish! :)

panda said...

your room is so neat!! what's in the pastries?

missklicious said...

Haha my rooms only neat cos my mum
cleared all my junk out,
it was actually really cluttered and a bit messy before!

The pastries were filled with a mixture of beef and potato