Monday, 8 March 2010

Cake eye candy

Another cure for Mondayitis right here. Reminiscing about the weekend:

Pastries, bread & cakes from The Flute Bakery:

The ultimate breakfast

The most adorable set of petit fours - with a chocolate filled macaron, lemon tart, tiramisu & a mousse square* (names and descriptions are just an estimate by me)

Anything mini is instantly 10 times cuter. Fact.

Love! Everything was great. As is everything from the Flute Bakery.

Macaron goodness! 

More delicious cakes

I think this makes up for the fact that I miss out on the Canberra Day long weekend *le sigh*

Happy Canberra Day!


Little A. said...

YUM! These posts are killing me :P Everything looks so delicious x

juznie said...

WHOA. I want everything. if that doesn't kill mondayitis, nothing will!

foodwink said...

Your photos have worsen Mondayitis for me :( Where is the Flute Bakery?

Also, I've left you an award at my blog, so please drop by to pick it up! :)

panda said...

agree- anything mini is 10 times cuter!

missklicious said...

Little A - It feels a bit depressing look at my post on a Monday- it's just a teaser!

juznie - I think I should start taking cake to work on a Monday to help ease into the day! haha

foodwink - The Flute Bakery is in Fyshwick, Canberra.

And thank you for the award!!

panda - And the good thing about mini things is that you can try a bigger variety & fit more in. Bonus!

Rilsta said...

Yummo! These photos are making me crave cake!!

Yuki said...

hi hi~
Does flute bakery have macarons now???? how much were they??
btw.~~i am kit kat addict too...
i just received a gazillion of them from Sydney as a bday pressie!!!