Easter long weekend

Off for a day trip at the Hunter Valley, after some retail therapy staying at the Hilton in Sydney. Should be fun!

What are you all getting up to on the upcoming Easter break?


Unknown said…
don´t have any specific plans, just candlelight dinners with Yc and relaxation in general :) going to a party as well, so will be a few great days off!

have fun on your trip!
chocolatesuze said…
have fun in hunter! drink heaps of wine and eat lotsa tasty cheese!
missklicious said…
Charlie - Sounds great. Breaks are always great for relaxing, hope you enjoy!

Suze - Mmmm yummy cheese! I just hope most things are open, since I'm going on Good Friday!
Yuki said…
AWESOME!!! i'm planning to go there sometime this year! *fingers crossed!