Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Four Points by Sheraton Buffet - Darling Harbour, Sydney

I will preface this post by saying that I am not usually a fan of buffets. I usually find that the quality of the buffets in Australia is pretty subpar, and I never eat my money's worth (I tend to like the regular dishes, rather than piling on plates of prawns, seafood etc) so I find I get a better meal ordering a la carte. I really love the buffets they have overseas though, they put to shame any of the ones I've tried here.

Having said that though, everyone loves a buy one get one free promotion, and Viva Sydney's offer was too good to resist.

Cold selection - including sashimi, marinated octopus salad, prawns, oysters, crab amongst other things

Pretty untouched selection of seafood before it was ambushed

cold Lobster dish - available on Friday and Saturday nights

One of my many plates - mussel, oysters, sashimi, potato and honey mustard chicken

More of the same- with a few extras like pork belly in white wine sauce, and fish

Cold salad dishes

Mini desserts

Lamingtons filled with jam & cream, fruit tarts & chocolate eclairs

Those cupcakes are awfully familiar! (Yael's?), coconut and tapioca cake/pudding, and strawberry cake

My dessert plate - the one in the cup was a rockmelon flavoured pudding, it was really nice! I also really enjoyed the coconut tapioca dessert too

Overall, there wasn't really much selection, there were only about 8 hot dishes all up, some which didn't really seem appealing at all - off the top of my head, there was a hot potato dish, fish, honey mustard chicken, pork belly in white wine sauce, mussels, kaffir lime rice and that's all I remember - they didn't even have a hot pasta or beef dish!

The cold salad department was also a bit lacking I thought...

So the verdict is, even with the promotion, it wasn't really worth trying. The best part of the meal was the desserts, other than that the rest of the meal was nothing to write home about. I would have been pretty angry if I paid full price for this. Sydney, please up your buffet game!

Four Points by Sheraton
161 Sussex Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9290 4000


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Yes, quality over quantity, I say! I don't get much value out of buffets these days either so I prefer a la carte as well.

panda said...

agree with you completely - the buffets in sydney are really not that great and hugely overpriced. you can get so much more food (quality as well) overseas!

AY said...

yeah, i think coming from an asian background, the comparisons we draw are quite hard to beat. but definitely in agreement with you - aussie buffets are expensive and not that great! shame :( though the dessert does look appetising!

Anonymous said...

I always eat the cheaper stuff at buffets LOL

Betty said...

what a great buffet spread mm im getting hungry hehe