I'm Angus - Darling Harbour, Sydney

"Hi Angus!" is always the response when someone suggests we eat at I'm Angus. Lame jokes aside, we ourselves at Darling Park after navigating the scarily small and maze like carpark (not before scraping and taking some paint off the car)

I'm Angus is open most of the day, since it's located in the tourist area of Darling Harbour, hence you can stroll past anytime and grab a meal. Great when you eat at random times during the day, like me on the weekends!

Enjoying the view, but the Darling Harbour view is definitely reflected in the price tag

Looking through the menu & enjoying the lovely sunshine!

My slightly odd looking fruity mocktail - a mixture of berries

Glace cherry anyone?

My dining companion's Scotch Fillet with mushroom sauce on the side ($5.50 for the sauce!!!! Not being a scrooge, but I think that's a tad excessive for sauce that doesn't have any spectacular ingredient)

Side chips

Giant King Prawns butterflied with garlic butter, seasalt, + crushed new potatoes and garlic aioli

Loved the cripsy potatoes, especially with the yummy aioli!

Dessert time

Bailey's Creme Brulee with chocolate biscotti - this had a good layer of toffee crunch, and loaded with Bailey's liquer, yum!

Vanilla panna cotta with fresh mango and summer berries - I enjoyed this, delicious berries paired with vanilla bean icecream & panna cotta, can't really go wrong!

The Promenade, Cockle Bay Wharf
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9264 5822


Love the look of the crispy potatoes!
Unknown said…
looks amazing, so yummy!
chocolatesuze said…
oh gawd the potatos look so awesome!
Ooh that potatoes do look good! Especially the cut part where it's all browned and cirpsy looking! :)
Agnes said…
It's funny, I don't mind spending money on good food, but I do mind the prices of some items. And $5.50 for mushroom sauce would be one of those items! The food and steak look great though!
Monica said…
Heya!! I've noticed "I'm Angus" when strolling through Darling Harbour, but now that I've seen all your lovely pictures - especially of the King prawns and the mocktail, I'll definitely make a note to visit next time I'm around that area!

Your easter break sounds divine and much, much more exciting than mine, which involves staying at home doing more graduate applications... humph! I hope you have a lovely Easter break and stay safe!
missklicious said…
The potatoes were really good!

Agnes - I agree, it does seem a bit over the top for sauce, even for a touristy area!

Monica - I've walked past it so many times too, and never tried it! (until now)

Easter break is a great opportunity to catch up on things! I'll be spending the other half of them relaxing back home too!