Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Japanese snack time & Blueberry Fanta

One thing I love doing is going to the asian grocery stores & buying the various quirky snacks they have on offer. 

Bourbon brand white chocolate snack - I can't read Japanese so I'd best describe this as a crunchy biscuit snack covered in white chocolate

Individually packaged bite sized pieces

Another thing I love.. all the different flavours of Kit Kats the Japanese seem to come up with! This one is cookies

Bite sized pieces again. These didn't look like anything extraordinary, but they were actually quite tasty and addictive!

I bought this just for the novelty factor, I haven't actually tried it yet as it doesn't sound all that appealing

Royal milk tea Kit Kat - this tasted like a crazy sweet version of milk tea

What will they come up with next?


bowsnhearts said...

I really love Japanese snacks...they are usually very creative and cute!

I love their ice cream in mochi skins!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Ooh Japanese Kit Kats are da bomb aren't they! *sigh* I wish they were a bit easier to get here!

panda said...

every now and then i get a bit distracted and pop into the asian grocery stores and stock up. my mum thinks i'm like a big kid.

juznie said...

I love that there are LOADS of Kit Kats including soy sauce, miso and cherry blossom :)



I want to try them all. God bless Asian grocery shops!

Sarah Vino said...

Haha! CUTE! And the packaging - Asians do it best.

Sarah Vino said...

By the way I just saw your to eat list - Jazushi is great, Etch is nice, Love Sake, rockpool and pony. I also want to go to Waqu - haven't been yet, or to Busshari which I heard is good. I sell wine for Asian food (called AJA) to the Jazushi owner, if u see hime tell him I say hi!

missklicious said...

bowsnhearts - Anything the Japanese make is somehow awesome or adorable. I can't wait to go back for a holiday in Japan!

NQN - Yes, I wish they sold more of them here! I want to taste them all.

panda - Haha! There's nothing wrong with being a big kid!

juznie - I saw the soy sauce and miso one on my last trip to Tokyo. I also bought the cherry blossom ones in a packet, they came in little nuggets!

Sarah Vino - They sre do! And thanks for the feedback on the restaurants. Can't wait to try them!

Soph said...

Probably be best if you're doing close up pics to shave ur finger hair =/

missklicious said...

Soph - Oh noes. The dreaded finger hair! Sorry if it offends you but don't think I'll be taking your advice.

Thanks for stopping by =)