Saturday, 6 March 2010

Just another Saturday...

I'm off to watch the highly anticipated Alice in Wonderland tonight. Buying tickets when we get there, so I guess there could be a chance it's sold out! (So far my local still has plenty of seats left though)

I can't wait! It looks amazing, even though there's a few mixed reviews.

My newly altered top from Portman's. Can't go wrong for $10! Last week I spotted the exact same version in Alannah Hill selling for around $200!

With some Review pants. Today I went to the Myer sale, with 2 vouchers and Review were having a 30% off sale. I didn't buy anything even though there were a few gorgeous pieces I wouldn't mind having. How did this happen?

I wish I could say it's because I have tonnes of willpower, but really it was because I felt really sick. My braces hurt a bit after being tightened yesterday, so I took some super strength panadeine in the morning (the kind that I got for my wisdom teeth surgery no less!) and it made me feel out of it and woozy to start with, and then downright sick during shopping time.

I came home and had a massive nap and feel WAY better now - still a little bit groggy though.

My outfit for the day - new Alannah Hill cardi

Update: Just came back from Alice in Wonderland and I really enjoyed it. It wasn't as dark as I expected, and it was quite funny in some parts. Loved Alice's constant change of outfits and the quirky take on the characters. 

I kept my 3D glasses this time - will keep it for future movies as there's so many more movies coming up that I want to see - How to tame a dragon, Shrek etc

Had a quick bite to eat at Babar (the cafe next door to the cinema) before the movie

Stuffed chicken breast - This sounded really delicious on the menu, but came out really average. It was meant to be stuffed with tasty things like sundried tomato, mushroom, but just tasted mushy


bowsnhearts said...

I watched that film yesterday! I like the animations and such...but I found the storyline quite bland.

That top is so cute and that cardigan is amazing!!!

Little A. said...

Gorgeous cardi! And agree with bowsnhearts about the film! x

Kitchen Butterfly said...

Love the top.......and the sweater. What a bargain...........

missklicious said...

Thanks guys! It's a really comfy cardi too, with a cute heart zipper to boot!

I know the storyline for Alice in Wonderland is pretty meh, but I still enjoyed it. I'm easily pleased I think haha