Thursday, 18 March 2010

Just a random update

Sometimes I just feel like writing about nothing in particular. I can't believe that I've actually kept my New Year's resolution until now of blogging every single day.

Sometimes it's quite easy since I have an overflow of ideas and blogging material. Other times it does wander into the too hard basket, usually when I'm too tired, or I've just spent most of my weekend vegging around and don't actually have anything productive to write about. Luckily that doesn't happen too often!

Another NYR I've kept is my savings goal. I've been saving more than a quarter of my pay this year. I still think I spend too much though on god knows what (food and clothes/fashion) and probably could scrimp and save more, but then life would be pretty dull, and there wouldn't be much to look forward to (materialistic I know!)

Speaking of fashion, I must and WILL have these:

Lavender CLs - so gorgeous! *sigh*

I'm loving all this lilac/lavender stuff that's out at the moment, and purchasing the most I can before it all goes. It's my favourite colour, and I'm slowly feeling like a crazy purple lady when I unintentionally wear too much purple. Oh well.

Still loving my Alannah Hill purple cardi - it's one of the most comfy cardis I own! WIN.

New nail stuff - the nail buffer is really good! It makes my nails seriously shiny with just a few swipes. Best of all, it was just a cheapie from Morning Glory. BONUS!

The ones on the left are nail polish shimmer pens, they are really gorgeous as well. Got them from the same place too.

Bought this little shopping cart thingo to store my nail polish & bits and pieces - mainly because it was cute, pink and says 'I love shopping'

Somehow my post will include food, right? Adorable easter cupcakes from David Jones food hall - these are cute alright, but only OK tasting, they were pretty dry

This vanilla strawberry cupcake on the other hand, was sooo good!

Massive lollies from the pick it yourself stand at Darling Harbour - I thought the egg looked cute, but it actually doesn't taste very nice... there's also a frog, octopus and crocodile! I should stop buying things just because they are cute or look interesting (blueberry Fanta, vege Kit Kat.. the list could go on forever)

Well that's it for my random spiel! It's my birthday next week. No plans yet. I have to go to Brissie for work on Monday just for the day, and my birthday is on the Tuesday, so probably won't do anything until the weekend. Way to kill the birthday joy.


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Congrats on keeping up the motivation with your resolutions! =)

Anita said...

I'm into purple at the moment too. Have a great dark purple dress ready for a wedding on the weekend. Love your cardi and those shoes!

katthroatworld said...

those louboutins and cupcakes..!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh love your cardi! Good buy (:
Btw, you mentioned that you buy your china glaze nail polishes in Bankstown. Do you know the address or whether it is close to the train station? Thanks!

missklicious said...

md - Thanks! Not sure if I can keep it up though. Hehe

Anita - Purple is such a pretty colour - have fun at the wedding!

kat - Such a great combo huh? hehe

Anon - Thank you! The Bankstown nail shop is located on Greenfield Parade, which is one of the main roads in Bankstown - it's just a few stores down from Pho Anh, and across the road from the Bankstown Sports Club.

You can walk from the train station, prob 2 mins or so

Anonymous said...