Saturday, 27 March 2010

Legends Spanish Restaurant - Manuka, Canberra

I love tapas. It's a great invention for the indecisive who want to try everything on the menu.

It's a sunny Sunday afternoon, and we make our way to Legends Spanish Restaurant in Manuka. I instantly eye off the BBQ ribs night (Wednesday) and Fiesta night on a Thursday, both sound fantastic. But alas, here on the wrong day, we order off the normal tapas menu.

I'm keen to try the paella, but with only 2 people, I wasn't sure if it would be too much, plus there's a minimum 30 minute wait so we pass this time.

The extensive menu

Browsing the tapas selection

A few drinks to cool down with:

Ternera - Eye fillet medallions on truffle oil mash w/manchego wafer - this was really yummy, tender pieces of beef and mash, can't go wrong!

Croquettas de Pollo Chicken - Béchamel crumbed and deep-fried served with alioli sauce

Calamares Fritos- Deep fried squid

They had quite a long dessert menu too with some great sounding desserts!

Brazo De Gitano - A coffee and walnut roulade filled with caramelised walnuts, chocolate ganache and coffee cream served with walnut toffee ice cream and café con leche jelly

The food was good, but the only thing lacking was the service. It was a Sunday afternoon, and not that busy, but the waitresses on the floor would just walk past even when we'd finished everything, and didn't clear the plates. We had to wave them down to get the dessert menu, and even then they didn't clear anything. Just a small thing, but still annoying.

Other than that, everything was great, and I would probably go back again to try the other things on the menu. We actually saw another table having the paella and it looked quite good, so perhaps paella next time?

Capitol Theatre Centre,

Franklin St Manuka, ACT 2603
Ph: (02) 6295-3966

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bowsnhearts said...

Wow the Calamares look so good! I have yet to find a Spanish restaurant in Melbourne! I am really keen to try seafood paella! Arg...I have to get off my lazy ass during the weekends and go find me some SEAFOOD paella!!

missklicious said...

bowsnhearts - Really? I thought Melb would be full of them? I'm so keen to try paella too, will probably go have some this long weekend!