Pre-theatre dinner @ Miso - World Square, Sydney

First of all, let me start by saying that Wicked was absolutely amazing! I can't rave enough about it - if you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favour and get tickets before it ends!

Dinner was just a necessity, so choosing somewhere fast and easy was number one priority. Walking down from Town Hall, Miso sprang to mind.

It was quite full so early on a Wedneday night, but there was no need to line up, thank goodness!

I love the fact that so many places have picture menus now!

First up are saome thirst quenchers!:

Kiwi frappe - yummy with real kiwi chunks on top

Lychee frappe

Chicken teriyaki & rice

The food is quite healthy and massive servings too!

Sashimi-don - with generous servings of roe and seaweed salad, there was so much rice, I couldn't finish it.

Massive slices of fresh salmon - so good!

My glowing Wicked martini glass - Go see it people!

Miso Japanese Restaurant
20/123 Liverpool St
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9283 9686


Monica said…
I've seen wicked too and I was really impressed!! I actually wouldn't mind seeing it again... if it wouldn't cost me another $120...

I love the green cocktails there too - I use the glass to put my misc earrings and bangles in there now. :)
that kiwi frappe looks great. I'm feeling a little hot right now, so one at this very moment would be perfect!
I just booked my tickets to Wicked, I am so excited.
Lily not Louise said…
glowing martini!!!!!!

missklicious said…
Monica - It was amazing, wasn't it? I would love to see it again too. There's actually a lottery you can go into at the box office for a chance to buy $30 front row tickets, which sounds pretty good!

That's an excellent idea for the glass hehe

Maria - It was really refreshing! The weather was so hot today! I was surprised on the way home after being in freezing air con all day!

Mark - YAY, you will LOVE it!! I'm so excited for you!

Lily - Wicked is a must see! The drink is called a Ozmopolitan. So cute!
Redford said…
Not the first pace that would pop to mind when thinking of a venue for dinner and a show. However that glowing martini has sold it to me, lets hope for something resembling pre theatre dinner offers when I find a show I'd like to see.
Priyam Gandhi said…
The Kiwi Frappe seems delicious. Gotta try this restaurant out ;)