Sunday, 7 March 2010

Return for the Lobster Mornay @ Emilio's Ocean Grill - Manuka, Canberra

I said I'd be back for the lobster mornay on my next visit to Canberra, and it was another beautifully sunny day for seafood.

Cute fish decoration!

Dining area

Lobster utensils

Cheesy lobster mornay with side veges - This really hit the spot, with the creamy sauce and huge chucks of lobster. I would have preferred some other vegetables other than the asian greens, but that's more personal preference


Salt & Pepper squid on a bed of salad with aoli


bowsnhearts said...

Omg...lobsters! I hate it how my bf hates seafood and I love we can never go to a seafood place and enjoy it together. SIGH!

Little A. said...

YUMM lobster!