Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Wishlist

I can't actually think of anything I really want or need for my birthday this year. This could just be due to the fact that I shop like it's my birthday throughout the year (must work on this!)

There is one or two things I'd like though:
Miss Dior Cherie perfume - such a gorgeous scent! And I love the beautiful bottle with the bow

After hearing rave reviews about this musical, I really want to go!

I have tickets for Wednesday night for my birthday, so excited!!!


Lily said...

I love miss cherie's bottle! my new love is versace fragrance.

I haven't seen wicked but same as you i've heard a lot of hype from my friends..I still have doubts as to how good it is!

Amy @ cookbookmaniac said...

I love Miss Dior Cherie, its my signature scent. It is a lovely clean, girly (think The Virgin Suicides rather than Barbie) scent.

I also love WICKED! I saw it in New York and Melbourne. Its fantastic, buyt eh soundtrack! Its fabulous too.

missklicious said...

Lily - Pretty much every single review I've heard is positive, so I'm really looking forward to it and have high expectations for it! Hahah Hopefully it will live up to those expectations!

Amy - It's a gorgeous scent! And your description of it is spot on.

I'm so excited to watch Wicked, everyone that has seen it RAVES about it