Friday, 30 April 2010

My typical lazy weekend

Lately I haven't been as excited to eat out, or make lists of places to eat, as I normally tend to do. Sometimes I just can't be bothered. Times like this, I tend to go with the flow, and just eat whatever comes along.

One thing I do love though, is the Friday night markets at Chinatown. It does get a bit crowded though.

More crepes than you can poke a stick at

Making crepes and Japanese pancakes with fillings

My peach crepe, with strawberry icecream and chocolate sauce - by the time I got the chance to take a pic, the cream was looking very sad and melted. As for the weird combo of flavours, that's what happens when I have to choose on the spot, with no visual guidance (I picked the first things that came to mind!)

Another lazy weekend activity for those times you can't be assed doing anything:

Heading down to the local pub for some $7 steak and footy

After grocery shopping at the local shopping centre - Hong Kong style comfort food at Hurstville:

Sun Ming

Iced Horlick - syrup shot

Baked spaghetti

Macaroni with ham and egg

It's nice to have a lazy weekend once in a while.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

The new additions to the Charm Family

As I mentioned before, I received a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet for my birthday. The very generous present giver also promised the addition of a charm every month.

My picks:

My first initial - I thought the letters looked quite nice, and it personalises the bracelet a bit

Cute little Thumper from the movie Bambi - just because bunnies are cute, and it's my Chinese zodiac

I've got my eye on a few others, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Ulta3 Plum Violet

So I'm slowly getting through my Ulta3 haul.  The next one I tried, Plum Violet, was really easy to apply and is gorgeous. It's a lovely bright pink, and reminds me of a few OPIs I already own. Not bad for a $2 nail polish!

It went on nicely too - this is 2 coats

Pretty in pink

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

It's getting cold!

It's time to dig out the winter jackets, unfortunately, after all this lovely unusually warm for this time of the year weather. Goodbye sitting outside and soaking up the sunshine during lunchtime!

Hello, pretty winter coats. Love my AH coats - this pink one is a oldie but a goodie!

Stocking up on an assortment of colourful tights from Forever New

Off on a tagent here, but I'm really loving embellished tights at the moment - I think they are so pretty, but would look terrible on me.
A really easy to DIY trend I think and I love seeing people's different creations

Sretsis Forget me not leggings from Revolve

Meanwhile, I think I really need to start getting to the gym. I've almost finished that block of Haigh's white chocolate and strawberry. I'm terrible. I will start showing some restraint... tomorrow. Seriously! 

Monday, 26 April 2010

Anzac Day

This month feels like it's been full of long weekends. This weekend was the Anzac Day long weekend, and I spent it just relaxing and not doing much at all...

Indulged in some yummy chocolate from Haighs

White chocolate and strawberry block - so addictive! And Turkish Delight

The best Aussie treat - Gaytime
A lovely little present from my co-worker (the nicest, most cheery person around) before the long weekend

Heart lollipop - this really cheered up my day!

Hope everyone had a good long weekend!!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

New sparklies - Alannah Hill & Thomas Sabo

I have magpie tendencies to collect shiny things.

I couldn't go past this fabulous necklace from Alannah Hill

I love the gorgeous beads, and it's so shimmery and pretty

A belated birthday present

My birthstone charm - first one, and hopefully many more to come!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Ulta3 Watermelon

I was so eager to try my new stash of Ulta3 polishes, I didn't know where to start.  So I started with the one I heard the most about - Watermelon.  The formula wasn't too thick or gluggy and I only needed two coats (my usual for most polishes) I only wore it for 2 days, but no chips or peels so I think it's comparable to the higher end polishes.

Ulta3 Watermelon

Close up

Friday, 23 April 2010

Tony Bianco Cathay heels

Myer had a great sale last week and I couldn't pass up the opportunity when I spied these gorgeous Tony Bianco heels. I debated with myself for ages whether I should get them or not.

I guess you know which way the debate went...

Pic shown on the Tony Bianco site - Cathay heels

They are super! Love the studded details

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Mamak - Sydney

Growing more popular by the year, Mamak is usually on my avoid list due to the massive lines that snake around the corner. For some reason, I was lucky last Saturday as the moment I walked past, the line was only at the door. It was a sign! I quickly rushed in line, and about 5 minutes later the line was long again.

Entertainment while in line - watching the roti being made
YAY! Finally we get in...

Now to choose a drink...

So busy as always

My iced milk tea. Love

Chicken satay - I could drink this sauce. It's THAT good

Roti Telur

Rojak-Malaysian-style salad- prawn and coconut fritters, fried tofu, hard-boiled eggs, freshly shredded yambean and cucumber, topped with a thick spicy peanut sauce - loved the vegetables, so refreshing and crunchy, with the amazing sauce!

Ais Kacang - with red beans, corn, grass jelly + rose syrup with shaved ice - so delicious! Loved the rose syrup

Haven't visited Mamak since when it first opened, so it was a great reunion! Yummy and cheap food. Just wish the lines were a bit shorter.

15 Goulburn St

Haymarket NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9211 1668

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

My Ulta3 haul

After reading super rave reviews on the Vogue Forums about this cheap as chips nail polish, I decided I needed some in my life.  Hunting in the City lead to no discoveries, except for Pulse pharmacy which had a small range for $2.50 (RRP is $2) so I gave up the search.

It's always when your not looking that you find it, isn't it? Grocery shopping at the local shopping centre and I spotted the Ulta3 stand outside with a massive range of colours. Woohoo! I dug around like a madwoman and had so much trouble deciding from all the gorgeous colours. And at $2 a pop, you can afford to go a little crazy, right?

Watermelon, Plum Violet, Bo Beep, Pink Colada

Elegant Mauve, Sweet Violet, Spring Shower, Spring Fling

Black Plum, Purple Passion, Pearly Grape, Tropez

Can't wait to play with them all and see how they are!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Kabuki Shoroku - Clarence St, Sydney

I think I've found another new favourite Japanese restaurant.  Kabuki Shoroku is tucked away in the St Martins building and has a mainly business clientele from first glance. After walking past this during my training in the same building, I remembered reading a great review on grab your fork, and noted down that I'd have to visit soon.

They have really nice Japanese decor, and a sushi bar with the cutest old man sushi chef
My drink amidst the bamboo
Looking through the menu - on the wagyu page mmmm

Here comes the sushi.  I had sushi envy as I saw beautiful platters of sushi being taken out for the businessmen on the table next to us, but my salmon & avocado roll was very good too. The sushi is amazingly presented and the sushi chef really takes his time and effort in perfecting it.
Kushiage platter - this had asparugus, 2 prawns, pork, quail eggs & whiting - this was great too - the prawns were so fresh, the asparagus was massive but so juicy and tender (if that word can be used for asparagus!)
Teriyaki chicken - I loved the neat presentation of this!

Wagyu on hot rock
Mouthwatering plate of beef

Sizzle sizzle


The staff were super polite and nice, taking time to explain everything that they brought to the table and asking how everything was after each dish. It's hard not to like this place!

202 Clarence St

Sydney NSW 2000
ph: (02) 9267 4552