Anzac Day

This month feels like it's been full of long weekends. This weekend was the Anzac Day long weekend, and I spent it just relaxing and not doing much at all...

Indulged in some yummy chocolate from Haighs

White chocolate and strawberry block - so addictive! And Turkish Delight

The best Aussie treat - Gaytime
A lovely little present from my co-worker (the nicest, most cheery person around) before the long weekend

Heart lollipop - this really cheered up my day!

Hope everyone had a good long weekend!!


Aw, I read that lovely note by your workmate and I wished I had someone like that at my workplace.

Doing something to make someone smile is beauty.

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend.
Aww what a sweet workmate! :) And I love gaytimes too-but I always eat the crumbs on the outside first :P
Wow you have nice workmates. How good are Gaytimes? pitty about the name.
What a cute gift! I know something like that would defnitely make my day. She sounds like a lovely co-worker to have :)

The Haigh's white chocolate and strawberry block sounds delicious.
missklicious said…
Hi everyone!

It was a really heartwarming gift, and such a nice note. She's a fantastic, one in a million co-worker.

After reading so many horror stories about nasty people at work, I feel really lucky!

And gaytimes are awesome. I think the name adds to the whole Gaytime experience. Hehe
panda said…
there's day's when i feel like eating one of those huge haigh's chocolate frogs!