Monday, 31 May 2010

Ulta3 Bo Peep

Another one in the Ulta3 series - this one is called Bo Peep.

A nice reddish colour

I quite like this one, there's nothing new about it, as it's a colour I see quite often, but it's easy to apply and goes on quite well.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Weekend activities

It's been absolutely pouring non-stop, and I'm really dreading the plane ride home (hello, turbulence!) but I still have a whole day to relax until then, so I'll just put that at the back of my mind.

Yesterday I woke up semi-early for a weekend, to have breakfast at Beess & Co:

Comforting hot chocolate with fluffy marshmallows

Half serve of ricotta hotcakes with berry compote & mascarpone, oh how I've missed this! nom nom nom

After breakfast, went for a jaunt to the fabric store with my mum:

Browsing fabrics to make winter coats

Half price off Burda patterns - I picked up a nice one, and a gorgeous lilac wool fabric too, for my mum to make. Will post pics once complete!

An earlier one she made for me:

Pink wool coat - so pretty and warm!

Cute flower buttons

Back view

I'm really lemming a few Alannah Hill coats, but they are still full priced at the moment, and I think too expensive to justify (I know, sounds strange coming from me...) but these coats are a great alternative, and they have some really gorgeous fabrics out at the moment!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Azuma Kushiyaki - Regent Place, Sydney

It's been an Azuma party lately. Last week it was the original restaurant at Chifley Square, and this week it's the sister restaurant, over at Regent Place, Azuma Kushiyaki. 

Walked in on a Thursday night, without a booking, and had to wait for a table to become free, as it was quite busy.

20 bottles of sake on the wall... 

They had this Himalayan salt for sale everywhere, I forgot to try it on my food though. It looked interesting though, and it was pink!

Grape-hi shochu - tasted like grape calpis soda with a tiny hint of alcohol

Can't go to Azuma Kushiyaki without getting kushiyaki, right? A great way to sample a bit of everything is the 

Small dishes - miso cod, nice, but I wish there was more of it... (can't complain though, since it is a small dish after all!)

Wagyu beef - I loved this version much more than the Azuma Chifley Square counterpart, such tender beef and loved the garlic sauce

Tempura prawn with udon - I wish they'd put the tempura seperate, instead of serving it in the soup - sog city!


I initially wanted to go next door to the patisserie for dessert, but since it was quite late, the choices weren't that plentiful, and then I decided I felt like some ice cream, hence the trip to Passionflower.

Super duper brownie - white chocolate, hazelnut & choc mud ice creams with fudge sauce and brownie goodness - unfortunately the brownies weren't that great as they were a bit hard, the ice creams were good though! 

Friday, 28 May 2010

Hello Weekend!

Oh glorious weekend, how I've missed you! It's been a terrible week, with miserable, cold and rainy weather.

First things first.... A stop to the night market for some Dragon Beard Candy

Tomorrow's agenda? After sleeping in, hopefully breakfast at my fave cafe, with a comforting serve of ricotta hotcakes & yum cha lunch!!!

Abalone siu mai @ Noble Palace - decadent!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Photo trip down memory lane

I don't actually take that many pictures of myself these days, preferring to focus my photography on other things, such as food, purchases and travel.  I really love looking through old photos, so I really should take more, every now and then!

Photos are a great memory of a moment, and it's amazing to look back and see how much has changed - it's like a moment frozen in time (dodgy hairstyles, outfits & all!)

Blowing bubbles hehe

Chubby legs and hogging a bike I probably couldn't even ride

Highschool.. eek!

I don't think I have ONE nice high school photo - this was back in the day of film cameras still

Yr 11 -12

A very old pic of bestie & I <3 - I was doing photography in yr 11 and had some black and white film, which I used, but didn't turn out so well!

Shortish hair - big hoop earring faze circa 2005 hehe

I think this is around 2005 as well

At Taronga Zoo 2006 - woohoo cute giraffes!

This is a reminder to myself to take more pictures... To bring back memories, nothing helps jog your memory like a photograph.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Makoto - World Square, Sydney

The fail safe option to satsify sushi cravings, which I tend to ALWAYS have. If I'm in the city, I usually make a beeline to Makoto.

Admiring the tuna display whilst waiting in line

Winter weather calls for some warmer dishes, like takoyaki

Premium tuna belly - wasn't as good as I was expecting it to be

Chicken karaage - a dish where you can't really go wrong ordering it anywhere! Especially dipped in the spicy mayo

My two favourites in the one - grilled salmon + scallop = delicious

Soft shell crab hand roll - on my stack of plates hehe

My fail safe option - I can devour plates of these! Salmon aburi

Another warmer - Teriyaki chicken udon

119 Liverpool St, Sydney

My net is so slow at the moment it makes me want to break down in tears. Argh. It's taking me 100 years just to upload a picture, so I have a few posts that are waiting on the backburner until I go home to Canberra this weekend! Excited. Feels like I haven't been home for ages.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Azuma Japanese Restaurant - Chifley Square, Sydney

Another Friday night comes along, and Japanese is on the menu again. This time it's Azuma at Chifley Plaza, and it's a relatively quiet night, probably due to the fact that it's cold and rainy.

I'm always obsessive about booking, but it wasn't necessary tonight as it was pretty quiet and there were a few empty seats

Azuma specials

Ringo cocktail - a lovely apple + sake concoction, really nice and not too strong, went down very well!

Seared salmon belly nigiri

From the specials menu - scallops & abalone - I liked the pretty presentation of this dish

The mushrooms were amazing - they soaked up all the yummy butter sauce and were so moreish

Wagyu beef steak - this was about as average as it looked, definitrly had better elsewhere...

Miso eggplant - so good, I loved the miso sauce and wanted another bowl of rice to go with it!

Dessert time

What else to get when you can't decide? The dessert platter! Or in my case, I choose it because I'm greedy...

Jelly fruit salad + belgian chocolate mousse cake

Green tea roll cake & creme brulee

Azuma Japanese Restaurant
1/2 Chifley Square
Sydney NSW 2000
ph: (02) 9222 9960