Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Everything tastes better in miniature

It's true.

Canapes, dainty little high tea snacks... it makes you want to savour something when it's just a little tasty tidbit.

Me?  I just like smaller morsels because I'm greedy. Mini = larger sample size

Cupcakes on Pitt may not have the best tasting cupcakes of them all, but I think they are definitely the cutest with their decorations, and the smaller size is a win in my books - not a fan of the massive cupcakes!

Flyer from the Chatswood stores - they have a few new flavours ince I visited last (ages ago!) like Rocky Road and Butter Cookies


I love the cute box they give you to carry your cupcakes in - instead of just shoving it in a bag like some places

My selection - vanilla, white chocolate, green tea, honeycomb, strawberries & cream, banana

Pretty strawberries & cream

Green tea




Lily said...

i loveee that place!!!! :):) there was a cupcake shop in melbourne but i didn't end up going in :(

missklicious said...

@Lily - Aww, you should have gone in! Hehe