Hangari Kimchi Korean Restaurant - Dickson, Canberra

On my latest trip home to Canberra, the weather was significantly cooler. Time to pull out the scarves and boots, and definitely great weather for some more substantial and warming food - Korean BBQ for example.

A fairly new restaurant opened on the main strip of Canberra's Chinatown, Dickson, Hangari Kimchi is a cosy small restaurant with the typical Korean BBQ set up of the stoves on the tables

Picture menu with the typical hilarious engrish

Entrees mainly consist of various types of dumplings, steamed or fried, there's a small selection of Korean BBQ meat dishes, hot pots and noodles

When at Korean BBQ - the main thing is to keep hydrated as it tends to get a little hot!

Cute little teapots with a bamboo handle

Deciding on what to eat can be a long task at a never before visited restaurant!

Complimentary potato banchan to keep us satisfied whilst waiting for the food, this was one of a few side dishes we were given

Cannot go to a Korean restaurant without kimchi, especially when the name of the restaurant is kimchi!

Sauces galore for dipping

Steamed pork and vegetable dumplings

Waitress poured water in the BBQ before turning it on... not sure what that achieves?

Putting the tasty beef on the BBQ


Beefy goodness

Vegetable rice hot pot

Loved this dish - especially the cruchy rice bits at the end

Cute Korean dolls 

I don't think this restaurant is comparable to the Sydney Korean BBQs, as the meat & marinade, I don't think was top notch, plus there aren't that many choices of meat, but since there aren't many options in Canberra, it's an OK place to satisfy cravings for Korean BBQ.

Hangari Kimchi
19 Woolley Street
Dickson ACT 2602
Ph: (02) 6248 7705
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Vivian said…
omg delicious!!!
Anonymous said…
Is this still here?