Thursday, 27 May 2010

Photo trip down memory lane

I don't actually take that many pictures of myself these days, preferring to focus my photography on other things, such as food, purchases and travel.  I really love looking through old photos, so I really should take more, every now and then!

Photos are a great memory of a moment, and it's amazing to look back and see how much has changed - it's like a moment frozen in time (dodgy hairstyles, outfits & all!)

Blowing bubbles hehe

Chubby legs and hogging a bike I probably couldn't even ride

Highschool.. eek!

I don't think I have ONE nice high school photo - this was back in the day of film cameras still

Yr 11 -12

A very old pic of bestie & I <3 - I was doing photography in yr 11 and had some black and white film, which I used, but didn't turn out so well!

Shortish hair - big hoop earring faze circa 2005 hehe

I think this is around 2005 as well

At Taronga Zoo 2006 - woohoo cute giraffes!

This is a reminder to myself to take more pictures... To bring back memories, nothing helps jog your memory like a photograph.


Anonymous said...

Wow your skin always looks so good! Sorry, i just had to comment about that! :P

Agnes said...

Aww, I love looking at old photos! So cute. :) Where was that first photo taken? It reminds me of one I have from when I was a baby, sitting on a similar looking duck!