Saturday, 15 May 2010

Sweet tooth Saturday

I've been waiting for the weekend, it feels like forever. I think I'm having a mini life crisis in regards to work and just what I'm doing with my life in general. It seems so boring, and I'm not achieving anything at all - there's not enough hours in a day.... but I digress....

Weekends are there to celebrate the end of work, and indulge!

*Don't worry, the following weren't all consumed in one weekend, it's more a mish mash of the last few weeks

My new love

I somehow always detour here on my Thursday late night shopping ventures

A farewell gift for a colleague - I was tempted!

So I bought some chocs for myself too - these are choc coated malted milk centres, like a fancy malteaser!

My other love - Maruya, found a new Kit Kat I hadn't tried before, Sakura and green tea

Pretty sakura packaging

Strawberry panda biscuits


I sense a sakura theme going on here - one of the special flavours at Passionflower - Sakura, tasted like the lychee rose without the lychee

Chocolate sundae - I had dessert envy with this one, there were awesome cripsies in the fudge sauce!

The Flute bakery:

Chocolate brioche - full of oozy chocolate goodness inside, and lots of it too!

Apple pastry - squee! love the cute shape and it was really yummy too

And this one's not edible, but sweet nonetheless, my new icecream charm! LOVE

Have a great weekend everyone!


Agnes said...

Oh, what did the sakura and green tea Kit Kat taste like? Love the ice cream charm too - so cute :)

missklicious said...

@Agnes - I haven't tried the Kit Kat yet, but I will soon! I've been getting through my Haighs goodies first.

The icecream charm is so adorable! Love the food related charms. Hehe