Thursday, 20 May 2010

Tony Bianco Neon boots

Winter brings warmer clothes and of course all the lovely winter boots that come along for the chilly ride. This year it's all about the over the knee & ankle boots.

Myer were having a 30% off all boots sale

I went on the hunt for a pair of comfy ankle boots and couldn't go past this Tony Bianco wedge pair

Height and comfort in one (well hopefully anyway, I'll see when I wear them for a longer period of time tomorrow)

I've sprayed them with some Tana Waterproof, so hopefully that will guard the suede.

The Tony Bianco site has a much bigger selection of ankle boots, I especially love these:

Dodge in Ash Suede - love the heel! Would love to try these IRL to see if they are hard to walk in, I think the platform would help somewhat

Nemesis in Stone - love the colour!

Bivio - I really like these too - will have to try and hunt them down in a store...

As for the wedge boots, this Nash pair is quite nice

These are probably a more practical pair - ah decisions decisions!


retrodaze said...

Would love to hear if the wedge boots are comfy after some more wear, I have been eyeing some ankle wedge boots myself!

missklicious said...

Hi retrodaze!

They are quite comfy, but take some time getting used to for me, as I've been living in comfy flats for quite some while. If you are a heels wearer, they are fine - a bit heavy though