Friday, 14 May 2010

Ulta3 Pink Colada

More red than pink, don't you think? (Haha, I can rhyme!)

I'm still making my way through my massive Ulta3 nail polish haul, but this one is up there with the good ones. Glides on smoothly and basically only needs one coat *score!*


Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

That definitely looks more red than pink! It's a nice red though-like a cherry red on my monitor :)

foodwink said...

As hot as a red fire engine :) I like!

reeskie ♥ said...

i have ulta 3 pink colada, but my colour is totally different mines like shimmery pink, tropical looking nail colour...

but that looks really pretty can't wait to see the other colours

panda said...

i love all your ulta3 nail polish posts! still wanting to get my hands on these but i can't find them!!

Charlie said...

love polishes that only take one coat, so easy! and I think it´s way more red than pink, too.

missklicious said...

Lorraine - I hardly see pink in it, so I definitely think it's red! It is a nice red though =)

foodwink - I love a good red polish! It's so classic.

reeskie - It's funny how different batches of the same polish end up so different! They must have not-so-good quality control!

I'm slowly getting through all the polishes. Hehe

panda - Ulta3 are awesome polishes, especially for $2 each!

It's always the case, isn't it? When you look for something, you never find it, and then when you're not, you end up stumbling across them.

Whereabouts in Sydney are you?

I know they sell them at the pharmacy in QVB, near the Town Hall station.

I bought mine at a pharmacy whilst I was doing some grocery shopping at Riverwood Plaza. Just have a look at the bargain bin polishes next time you walk past a pharmacy - they most likely will have them!

Charlie - one coat polishes are heaven sent! Especially ones that aren't gluggy and go on smooth