Sunday, 6 June 2010

High tea - Rydges Capital Hill, Canberra

Sunday is a great day for afternoon tea (or better known as high tea) and after reading on Yuki's blog about the new high tea at Rydges Capital Hill, I knew I'd take my mum there, since Canberra is sorely lacking in high tea options.

Not so funny story at the time, it was absolutely pouring rain, disgusting weather, the kind you just want to roll in bed and hibernate forever. Anyway, I forgot there was a Rydges at Capital Hill, and just assumed it was the one in the City (since I thought there was only that Rydges and the Eagle Hawk one)

Cue parking in mud and puddles, getting drenched in the downpour, only to realise that no, it was at a totally different place. D'oh

Finally got to our destination, albeit a little wet and soggy (and grumpy), but nothing a nice glass of bubbly won't fix!

Pretty pink floral plates

Bubbly - but I think after being rain soaked, all I wanted to drink was a nice hot cuppa

The girly pink high tea menu

Our tier arrives! It wasn't that busy since we arrived at 12, but the staff were quite slow, even though there were plenty of them

Anyway, the savoury tier was probably my favourite out of all of them. Mini sandwiches - salmon & cucumber, and egg & chive. I loved the egg sandwich, as they always make them to perfection at high teas. There were also little, warm tartlets - chicken & brie, and spinach and tomato.

Tier two - scones, one with sultanas, and the other one was plain. They were nothing special, and there were TINY servings of the jam and cream, my pet hate! Even though I could ask for more, it felt like I had to ration out my precious portion. It didn't help that they were a tad dry as well, which would have been helped enormously, by a generous slathering of jam and cream.

The sweet tier - fruit tartlets and various cupcakes

Sweets to savoury ratio was a bit off, I think, but I still enjoyed my sweet treats, and a nice escape from the rainy weather. 

This authentic afternoon tea includes 3 tiered set selection of sweet and savoury items served with a bottomless selection of fine teas and fresh coffee, topped off with a glass of French sparkling wine on arrival.

Book now $38 per person.

Bookings essential Ph: 02 6232 0322

Every Sunday 1-4pm, Corner Canberra Ave and National Cct, Forrest. 


Lily said...

it looks very elegant :) i've alwasy wanted to try high tea but i thought it would be ridiculously expensive.. like $100 per head @ QVB lol

Yuki said...

i agree that the ratio of savoury and sweet was a bit off...but it was a diff experience here in Canberra =)

katthroatworld said...

looks scrumptious!

missklicious said...

Lily - Haha! You crack me up. It's about $38 per head, I think. Still kinda expensive for what it is, I suppose. The QVB one is really nice though! You should try it =)

Yuki - I find it's always the case at high tea though, I find myself longing for more of the tasty sandwiches!

I guess this problem is solved with buffets, but I find the quality of those tend to not match up to the tiered stands.

Kat - I love high tea!

retrodaze said...

Oh that menu is so pretty!

But am shocked at the small serving of jam, why, it's smaller than the scone itself! How are you supposed to spread that out over four scones? They should just use a bigger dish for the jam.

Audrey Allure said...

The cupcakes look delicious!

Linda V said...

Yum high tea is my favorite. If I could I would live on Brunch and high tea every day.

missklicious said...

retrodaze - I know! I could have done with a hell of a lot more jam and cream.

Audrey - I love cute little cupcakes hehe

Linda V - Oh, wouldn't that be nice?