Monday, 28 June 2010

Leisurely weekday lunch @ Artespresso - Kingston, Canberra

There's nothing better than having a nice, relaxing lunch on a day off, whilst most people are at work. Especially on a Monday! (YAY for an extra long weekend)

After today's dentist trip, a detour to Kingston was made, and we settled on Artespresso for a late lunch

Since we were quite late, the restaurant was empty, bar a few tables finishing up (we arrived at 1:45pm and they close at 2:00pm!)

Decisions were made quickly due to grumbling stomachs:

Angus scotch fillet

With horseradish cream

Artespresso seafood pie with champagne cream

I really enjoyed this one, with the flaky and crispy pastry, and packed full of seafood & lovely creamy sauce

Sadly there was no time for dessert, as it was past closing time when we finished our mains, but I'll be back next time for the souffle!

31 Giles Street
Kingston ACT 2604
Ph: (02) 6295 8055

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Anonymous said...

You are a fucking piece of shit for walking into a restaurant at a quarter to close. Fuck you and your opinion, you have nothing i want to hear. Stop blogging get a clue and fuck off. If you ever think of coming into my restauranr i'll tell you to go and fuck yourself.

missklicious said...

Thanks for your comment, cranky pants. If a restaurant had a problem with someone coming in 15 minutes before close, they should say so - I have no problems finding somewhere else to eat.

If you don't want my opinion, then don't read it.